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December 5, 2002 14:10PM

From Micro Technic A-S

12-bit DAQ-board for the PC/104-bus: Multi I/O board with analogue and digital I/O's

Contact Name: Kenn Bach Thomsen
Contact Email: sales@micro-technic.com
WebSite: http://www.micro-technic.com/pv2019

Micronix PV-2019 is a highly compact PC/104 board combining 16 voltage and 8 current inputs (0-20mA) with 12-bit resolution plus 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs, opto-isolated, on just one board. Additional 2 analogue channels voltage and/or current outputs and 2 counters add to the versatility of the board. Micronix PV-2019 is the ideal solution for data acquisition and machine and process control applications, combining multiple I/Os in very limited space. 
A powerful DAQ-board for demanding applications: 
Micronix PV-2019 is the most powerful of PC/104 data acquisition modules. The board is a microprocessor based auto calibrating system (software controlled) which needs no poten-tiometer adjustment. Thus it is ruggedized and resistant to vibrations in the industrial environment. It combines the highest amount of I/O features in a single board and requires +5V only from the system power supply. It only consumes 250mA. 16 different I/O-addresses 200H 338H. 
Rugged design for every industrial and mobile solution: 
Micronix PV-2019 is designed with real-world applications in mind. The analogue inputs are protected against voltages up to 35V, even with the power off. The digital outputs reset to 0 on power up or system reset to force the board into a known state and prevent undesirable system behaviour. The board's single-supply and low-power design (+5V @ 250mA) minimises the cost of the system power supply. And perhaps best of all, Micronix PV-2019 comes as standard in Industrial (-20-70 C) temperature ranges. 
The Micronix PV-2019 Website online information available: 
Micro Technic has with announcement of this DAQ-board published a web-site dedicated to Micronix PV-2019 board. All details on programming, hardware, software, manuals, etc. can be found on:  
Visitors will also be able to find news and updates - basically everything that has to do with our Micronix PV-2019 board - on this website.  
Contact: Micro Technic A-S, Denmark  
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