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January 13, 2003 8:00AM

From Microcomputer Systems, Inc.

New PC/104 Thermocouple (Temperature) Input Card (8 Ch Type J or K T/C & 8 Ch Analog In)

Contact Name: John Hilburn
Contact Email: staff@microcomputersystems.com
WebSite: http://www.microcomputersystems.com/msi_1047.htm

The MSI-P440 is a low cost, high performance 8 channel thermocouple and 8 channel 12-bit analog input card. Analog Devices AD596 (J type, -200 to 750C) or AD597(K type, -200 to 1000C) thermocouple conditioners provide ice point compensation and 10mV/C proportional operation. Optional single-ended analog inputs are programmable for 0-5V,5V, 0-10V, and 10V with 12 us conversion time and 1 MegOhm input resistance.  
Four models are 
8 Ch T/C Type J (MSI-P440-J) 
8 Ch T/C Type J and 8 Ch Analog In (MSI-P440-J/A) 
8 Ch T/C Type K (MSI-P440-K) 
8 Ch T/C Type K and 8 Ch Analog In (MSI-P440-K/A) 
The unit is an 8-bit stackthrough PC/104 with I/O mapped 16-bit addressing for jumper selectable card addresses and interrupt options. Operates -25C to 85C. Requires PC/104 Bus +5V only. The data sheet, User Manual (includes schematics with purchase) and pricing are at