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Fabruary 24, 2003 4.20.pm

From EEPD Inc.

EEPD Inc introduces the FASTEST PC/104-Plus CPU @ 933 MHz

Contact Name: Pierre Ferron
Contact Email: Pierre.Ferron@eepd.com
WebSite: http://www.eepd.com

EEPD Inc. is please to announce the introduction of the M1 processor board, using the latest LP (Low Power) and ULV (Ultra Low Voltage) Tualatin technology from Intel.  
The board is available with a Pentium PIII @ 933 Mhz or the Celeron @ 400 and 650 Mhz.  
Standard features include the Intel 82551 ER 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Controller, Intel 815E Integrated Graphic Adapter, 2x USB, 2x Serial, Parallel, IDE, Floppy, Keyboard and Mouse. 128 MB of SDRAM memory is soldered on-board and the SODIMM expansion can accommodate up to 256 MB for a total of 384 MB. 
This new addition to EEPD’s Profive serie is unmatched on the market. It offers a significant increase of pure processing power with the highest clock speed, twice the amount of L2 Cache compare with previous generation technologies and a Front Side Bus running at 133 Mhz. The maximum power requirement is also cut by half while the Processor junction temperature is rated at 100oC compare with 80oC for the socket 370 architecture. The M1 is the ideal product for those applications that require a compact, high performance, low power, reliable and features rich computing platform. 
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