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February 28, 2003

From Arcom

Arcom offers ready-to-run Linux® support for the 1GHz Pentium III 'OLYMPUS' embedded PC

Contact Name: Jenny McCrae
Contact Email: jmccrae@arcom.com

Kansas City, USA and Cambridge, England - 29th January 2003 - Arcom today announced another rapid application Development Kit supporting an installation of Red Hatâ Linux 8.0. The new product is a ready-to-run Development Kit based on Arcom's Socket370 Celeron/Pentium III single board computer.  
Arcom's Development Kit strategy guarantees that you have a proven installation of the leading desktop and embedded operating systems running on Arcom's embedded hardware platforms. Arcom has selected Linux drivers to obtain the very best performance from the OLYMPUS single board computer and to minimize your development cycle. Driver support includes the S3 ProSavage video controller, the onboard 48bit unique ID, tamper detect capability and a hardware watchdog timer.  
Arcom supplies an original and fully packaged copy of Red Hat Linux 8.0 Personal Edition with each Development Kit. This means you have access to 30 days of on-line technical support from Red Hat along with on-going support from Arcom. Red Hat represents the very best of standard Linux distributions and gives you a comprehensive installation along with a vast array of development tools and utilities. This also serves as an ideal platform to check out Red Hat Linux 8.0 Professional Edition and the Advanced Server products. 
The OLYMPUS Linux Development Kit includes a standard installation of Red Hat Linux 8.0 loaded onto a 10Gbyte (min.) 2.5" hard disk drive. The Development Kit consists of the OLYMPUS single board computer fitted with a 733MHz Intel Celeron CPU (other options available), 256Mbytes, hard disk drive, PSU, serial and Ethernet cable sets, DVI interface board, Quickstart Manual and the Development Kit Utility CD. There is also an option for a 6.5" NEC VGA TFT color display.  
The OLYMPUS is an EBX format (5.75" x 8") Socket370 single board computer which can be fitted with the Intel Celeron and Pentium III processors up to 1GHz (133MHz FSB). The board also offers high performance S3 ProSavage graphics, 10/100baseTx Ethernet, four serial ports, and expansion via a PCI slot, CompactFlash socket and industry standard PC/104 bus. 
Red Hat is a registered trademark of Red Hat Inc.  
Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds 
About Arcom (www.arcom.com)  
Arcom, a Spectris company (LSE: SXS.L), is a leading supplier of embedded computer and communications technology to industry. Founded in 1982, Arcom has developed a broad range of standard embedded hardware and software solutions for control, data acquisition and data delivery systems. From its design centers in Kansas City and Cambridge England, Arcom is also able to offer Design Services to meet the needs of high volume OEM and specialized customer requirements.