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April 8, 2003 11:30AM

From ACCES I/O Products, Inc.

Exceptionally High-Speed PC/104, 16-Bit, 16-Channel Multi-Function Analog I/O Board

Contact Name: Marty Wingett
Contact Email: mwingett@accesio.com
WebSite: http://www.accesio.com/go.cgi?p=../104/104-aio16-16.html

SAN DIEGO, CA - ACCES I/O Products is pleased to announce the release of its newest PC/104 Board, Model 104-AIO16-16. Providing 16 single-ended or 8 true differential analog input channels with 16-bit resolution, this multi-function I/O board features an excellent price/performance value for precision PC/104-based data acquisition and control. Nine standard Analog Input ranges are available, and considerable attention has been paid to designing a quiet front end with flexible methods of starting conversions. Two 12-Bit Analog Outputs and 16 parallel bits of digital I/O are also provided for a complete high performance data acquisition solution.  
Strong software support package included free with the board supports ADC and DAC with Auto Calibration, Counter, and Digital functions, with sample programs and source in C and Pascal for DOS, and a graphical option selection setup program in Windows. Linux support includes basic samples for register level programming in C. Full 95/98/Me/NT/2000/Xp support and samples are provided for register level access to all the boards features, as well as kernel mode IRQ operations. 
Features of the Model 104-AIO16-16 include: 
500KHz Samples/Second for Analog Inputs 
16 Single Ended or 8 Differential 16-Bit Inputs 
Flexible Triggering Methods 
Factory Gains Available 
Large Input FIFO for Less Processor Overhead 
EEProm Auto Calibration 
Two 12-Bit D/A Outputs 
+5V Only Operation at 240mA, typical w/ DC/DC converter 
Extended Operating Temperature Range -40C to +85C 
ACCES I/O Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of PC/104, PCI and ISA analog and digital/relay I/O boards, serial communication products and Wireless/Remote data acquisition products and accessories. PC/104 boards also available from ACCES include 48-bit Digital I/O, 12-Bit A/D & D/A, Isolated Input / Relay Output Boards (8 or 16 each), and Isolated and Non-Isolated Serial Communications Boards. All hardware, including the Model 104-AIO16-16, come with a 30-day, no-risk return policy and a three-year warranty. 
Pricing and Availability 
The 104-AIO16-16 list price is $479. Delivery is stock to 2 weeks.