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April 14, 2003 10:30 AM

From Micro Technic A-S

4-port serial PC/104 board, RS232/RS422/RS485 combinations - supports 5V only and shared IRQ's

Contact Name: Kenn Bach Thomsen
Contact Email: sales@micro-technic.com
WebSite: http://www.micro-technic.com/pv-serial

PC/104 board with 4 serial ports:  
- Now available for +5V Only systems and now supports shared interrupt  
Micronix PV-series is a complete line of 4-ports PC/104 modules for serial communication via RS232, RS422 or RS485. Micronix PV-interfaces let you customise your system to any given combination of RS232, RS422 or RS485 data transmission in one single board.  
+5V Only facility: 
Introducing the support for +5V systems makes the board applicable in any PC/104 systems with only 5V available.  
Shared Interrupt: 
The serial boards also supports shared interrupt in DOS applications using a C program module which can be download from our website: www.micro-technic.com/pv-serial  
More technical information, programming utilities, manuals and datasheets are available online on the above stated website.  
Up to 460 Kbps serial communication: 
With the advanced high-speed 16C550 UART (115kbps) or super high-speed 16C650 UART (up to 460kbps) with 16-byte FIFO your industrial PC can communicate with other computers or peripherals at a very high speeds. All signals are surge protected for industrial use.  
Combine your serial communication requirements on just one board: 
With 13 different versions available we are able to meet most combinations of serial communication in the 4 ports available. Interesting versions includes 4xRS/232 ports (PV-4000), 2 RS422 and 2 RS232 ports (PV-2002) and a version with 3 RS/232 channels and 1 RS485 channel (PV-3001).  
Available in our E-shop: www.pc104shop.com 
The 4-port serial boards are also available in our online webshop from EUR 108,00 / USD 115,00 (retail 1-off price). Most combinations are in stock and can ship worldwide with FedEx in 2-4 days. 
Online Quotation system 
Customers can use our online quotation facility to receive a quotation on our complete range of serial boards. Please fill in the details in our online form: http://www.micro-technic.com/pc104/quote.htm