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From Octagon Systems

5070 SBC: PCI video controller, Ethernet, wide temp. range...

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Embedded PC  
Westminster, CO, 27 Feb 2003—Octagon Systems announced a rugged, small CPU designed to operate from –40? to 85? C. The card uses the low-power, 5x86 class processor that operates at high temperature with little or no ventilation. The card can be expanded using the PC/104 and/or ISA connectors. In addition to the two RS-232/422/485 serial ports and the standard PC I/O, it has a 10/100 Base-T Ethernet® port, USB, a CompactFlash socket for bootable, removable memory to 2 GB, and the 5070 supports SVGA CRTs and flat panel displays. The CompactFlash requires no drivers and is compatible with all popular operating systems. The 5070 has a unique, Fast-Boot BIOS for operation in less than six seconds. 
The built-in diagnostics can be run in the field without any test equipment. The 5070 avoids the common boot-failure from a depleted CMOS battery by storing an image in serial EEPROM. This saves downtime and service calls. The serial ports and the parallel port have back-drive protection. The card also has over-voltage and reverse voltage protection. 
The 5070 has two serial ports, 10/100 BASE T Ethernet, FDD, HDD, back-drive protected parallel, and keyboard ports, a SVGA video port, 16–32 MB of SDRAM and two USB 1.1 ports. The card comes with embedded DOS 7.2 and is Windows CE–,  
NT–, QNX– and Linux–compatible. The watchdog timer is programmable from 0.5 to 64 seconds. The 5070 is designed for transportation, automation, medical and other applications where high reliability and/or harsh environments are factors. The card is available in cost-effective OEM quantities. The standard 5070 pricing starts at $625, with 32 MB of SDRAM. Delivery is from stock. 
Octagon Systems is the largest manufacturer of embedded PC computers for the –40? to 85? C environment. It has been ISO-9001 certified since 1993, manufactures its own products, and has in-house certification and verification laboratories. Located in Westminster, CO, Octagon has made embedded, rugged computers since 1981. Octagon provides high reliability, PC–based solutions for a wide variety of applications including transportation, medical, industrial control and COTS.