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May 12, 2003 14:00 PM

From Micro Technic A-S

Micro Technic offers 64 channel digital I/O in extended temperature range module for PC/104 systems

Contact Name: Kenn Bach Thomsen
Contact Email: sales@micro-technic.com
WebSite: http://www.micro-technic.com/pv1648

The Micronix PV-1648 offers the highest amount of I/O signals available on one single PC/104 board today. With a total of 64 channels it is a highly integrated module for monitoring digital input status and control of digital outputs. Hence, Micronix PV-1648 is the ideal solution for controlling a large number of outputs in machine control and SCADA applications. 
The PV-1648 module plugs into any standard PC/-104 bus interface and provides you with 16 digital opto-isolated inputs and 48 digital open-collector, high power outputs.  
The Micronix PV-1648 is constructed with highly integrated logic to reduce power consumption and only requires +5V for operation. All output lines are buffered and each line is capable of sinking 100mA in a logic low state. The board provides access to interrupt levels IRQ5,7,9,10,11,12,15 on the PC bus for real-time back-ground applications. 16 different I/O addresses from 200H to 338H. 
Non-Stack-through or stack-through (S-versions) connectors are available. Drivers available for Windows, DOS and Linux. Ready-made cable connections are available as option. 
- Industrial signals ON/OFF monitoring 
- Limit switch monitoring 
- Valve/Solenoid drive output 
- Relay, lamp, display drivers 
It provides 16 channels of input to detect bipolar ON/OFF, OPEN/CLOSE signals and has interrupt capability on its first two channels. The input range is from 10V to 30V suitable for many applications. The isolation voltage is up to 1000 Vrms from the input to the host. This feature causes voltage spikes that often occur in harsh industrial environments to be safely isolated from the computer. 
The PV-1648 board has 48 outputs with bi-polar transitors allow loads up to 100 mA per channel. It allows control of up to 48 devices like solenoids, pneumatic- or hydraulic valves, motor starters, etc. The output status can be read back by reading the same address for verification. The output is available as either NPN or TTL using the optional +5V pull-up facility. 
- Dimension: 95x90mm 
- Temperature range: 
Operating: -20 - 70 C  
Storage: -25 C to +85 C 
- Humidity: 0 to 90% RH, non-condensing 
Specifications on the IO's are available here: http://www.micro-technic.com/pv1648  
The board is available from stock through our online shop for only EUR: 153,- and will ship in 2-4 days worldwide.  
Customers can use our online quotation facility to receive a quotation on our complete range of PC/104 boards. Please fill in the details in our online form:  
http://www.micro-technic.com/pc104/quote.htm and we will return with QTY prices within 1 working day.