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August 22, 2003 11:00 AM

From ACCES I/O Products, Inc.

Versatile PC/104 High-Density Analog Signal Conditioner Provides 32 Channels and up to 256 Inputs

Contact Name: Marty Wingett
Contact Email: mwingett@accesio.com
WebSite: http://www.accesio.com/go.cgi?p=../104/104-aim-32.html

SAN DIEGO, CA—August 22, 2003—ACCES I/O Products announces the immediate release of its newest PC/104 board solution for data acquisition, test and measurement. The high-density Model 104-AIM-32A Kit provides 32 single-ended or 16 differential inputs with flexible gain for use with factory configured options such as conditioning for Thermocouples, RTDs, Bridge type load cells and strain gages, and 4-20mA inputs with fault detection. At under $400, the 104-AIM-32A Kit (signal conditioning mux & A/D board pair) features an excellent price/performance value for temperature control and monitoring, power system data acquisition, environmental monitoring of pH, humidity, pressure, flow and other low-level signal applications.  
All sensor signals are conditioned, amplified and calibrated then digitized by an included 12-bit, 8-input A/D Board. Alternately, the 104-AIM-32A can be paired with either a 12-bit or 16-bit I/O board for applications where analog outputs or digital I/O are also needed. Up to eight signal conditioning boards can be stacked together to realize 256 inputs, multiplexed into the eight channels of the A/D board. Multiple calibration constants can be stored onboard for use in widely varying temperature environments.  
The 104-AIM-32A standard board set features: 
- Software programmable channel by channel input range/gain 
- 6 standard analog input ranges 
- Filtered, extremely quiet front end populated with low-noise components 
- Complete system calibration with easy-to-use utility software 
- Reference junction sensor for thermocouple inputs on optional removable screw terminal block 
- 8-input, 12-Bit 100KHz analog-to-digital board and cable 
- Power requirement: +5V @ 240mA, typical with DC/DC converter 
- Complete system, just add a CPU 
- Easy to network on 10/100 Base-T Ethernet 
- Extended operating temperature range: -40C to +85C 
An included free software development kit (SDK) supports analog-to-digital converstions, calibration and digital functions with sample programs and source code in “C” and Pascal for DOS. A graphical setup program makes installation easy. Linux support consists of “C” samples for register- level programming. Full Windows support, samples and drivers are provided for register-level access to the board’s features. Networking examples are also provided. 
ACCES I/O Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of PC/104, PCI and ISA analog and digital/relay I/O boards, serial communication products and wireless/distributed data acquisition products and accessories. Other PC/104 boards from ACCES include digital and analog I/O, signal conditioning, isolated input/relay output boards, and isolated and non-isolated serial communications boards. All hardware comes with a 30-day, no-risk return policy and a three-year warranty. For further information, visit the company’s web site at www.accesio.com. 
Ordering Information: Model 104-AIM-32A Kit (standard board set) 
Price: Specify input type at time of order for factory configurations 
$395.00 (includes signal conditioning board, A/D board, cable, software CD, and quick-start guide) 
Availability: Now 
Delivery: Stock to two weeks