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September 16, 2003

From VersaLogic Corp.

VersaLogic Announces VxWorks BSP for Bobcat PC/104-Plus CPU

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Eugene, OR - VersaLogic Corp. today announced the market launch of a VxWorks Board Support Package (BSP) for a third product, the popular Bobcat PC/104-Plus single board computer. This release of the real time operating system (RTOS) BSP for Wind River Systems' VxWorks(r) comes on the heels of similar announcements for the Jaguar PC/104-Plus CPU and the VSBC-8 EBX single board computer. 
This BSP for one of the industry's most-widely recognized RTOSes will allow developers to configure their systems quickly and develop applications in a shorter timeframe. The BSP supports the Bobcat Flash BIOS with OEM enhancements, I/O options and other functions. More details about the BSP can be found on VersaLogic's web site at www.versalogic.com/products/bspsoftware.asp. 
VersaLogic used Wind River's Tornado(r) 2.2.1 development tools to build, test and validate the BSP for the Bobcat single board computer. The Bobcat BSP is designed to be installed on top of Wind River's Tornado 2.2.1 integrated development environment (IDE) in a Windows host environment. 
The Bobcat, a 586 PC/104-Plus single board computer, is designed for low power, high reliability applications. Target markets include military, aerospace, and industrial control. 
About VersaLogic Corporation  
A leading supplier of industrial computers since 1976, VersaLogic focuses on high-quality board-level products for embedded OEM applications. Product lines include PC/104, PC/104-Plus, EBX, and STD 32 Bus. Their 5-year product availability guarantee and outstanding warranties demonstrate a commitment to service. An industry-wide survey recently rated the company a "Platinum" level embedded board vendor (2002 and 2003 VDC studies). For more information, visit the web site at www.versalogic.com.