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October 15, 2003 14.15 PM


smartModule SM855 from DIGITAL-LOGIC - one of the Smallest, Fastest Pentium M Computer Modules

Contact Name: Eliane Scherrer
Contact Email: eliane.scherrer@digitallogic.com
WebSite: http://www.digitallogic.com/english/index.asp

DIGITAL-LOGIC AG, Luterbach/Switzerland, presents with the SM855 a further product in their high-performance smartModule series. The new PC module is one of the smallest Pentium M processor modules for industrial applications. It is based on the Intel 855GME chip set with 400 MHz front side bus and uses a Pentium M processor with clock rates of up to 1.6 GHz. Equipped with a 1-Mbyte L2 cache this processor shows a capability comparable with a 2.4 GHz Pentium 4 processor. The main memory of the SM855 can be fitted individually with SODIMM components from 128 MB to 1024 MB of DDR RAM. CPU and memory are mounted exchangeable, but mechanically protected against vibrations and shocks. As all power saving functions of the  
855 chip set are supported, the SM855 only consumes between 8 watt and 20 watt.  
Another strength of the module is its powerful graphics equipment. The SM855 uses the "Extreme Graphic“ video controller, which is integrated in the Intel-855GME chip set, and supports Direct-X9 compatibility with a video memory of up to 64 MB. The video controller has two different video outputs, VGA-Analog and DVO/LVDS, to control two different monitors. The standard version further includes six USB-V2.0- (Universal Serial Bus) ports, an AC97 V2.3 compatible sound interface, a 100/10-Base-T port for fast communication in LANs. In addition, a hardware monitor, all necessary power supplies and advanced ACPI power management functions are integrated. 
The PC module is supplied by voltages of 5V and 3.3V. It runs under operating systems such as Windows? CE/98/2000/NT4, Linux, QNX?, and RTXDOS?. Equipped with a new Flash BIOS with dual BIOS option the SM855 allows to boot the operating system from different media such as hard disk, floppy disk, USB, IEEE 1394, PC Card, or LAN. The module operates at a standard temperature range of –20°C to +50°C, but operates with a lower clock rate also in the extended temperature range of –40°C to +85°C. The smartDesign ensures the thermal connection so that the computer module can be integrated optimally in the housing of the application. Designed for low power consumption of 4A, the SM855 is an ideal solution for battery driven systems. The PC module is tested for shock and vibration and is ideally suited for applications in the areas of navigation, telecommunications, computer periphery, medical and measurement technologies, the aerospace industry, automotive electronics, and in internet terminals. DIGITAL-LOGIC uses the PC module among other things for its future embedded computer product such as PC/104, EBX, MICROSPACE?PC, and customized designs. 
Innovative Modular Concept 
The smartModules from DIGITAL-LOGIC are multi-chip modules, which encapsulate the entire functionality of a PC. Almost all signals, interfaces, ISA and PCI bus are combined on a single bus, the smartBus855, and are integrated in the customer-specific environment via two connectors with 320 contacts. At the same time the smartBus serves as the technology interface, so future smartModules will continue to be mechanically, electrically and functionally compatible. The innovative concept of the smartModules makes the integration of an embedded PC in an individual, PC-based application simple, fast and cheap. smartModules are an easily exchangable, scalable, future-oriented alternative to the direct implementation of the entire PC electronics in a customer design. The modular concept also reduces the risks involved in developing customer-specific designs. The developers of individual series devices thus become more independent of the modification cycles of the PC hardware. They can integrate future process technologies in their applications without major changes, and offer need-oriented families of devices with varied processor power. Only the carrier board still has to be developed specifically for the application.  
The use of the smartModule PCs as optimised, tested components in the development of new products and therefore not only reduces the design effort and the development costs, but also can drastically reduce time-to-market. Even in small numbers, the smartModules offer optimum price/performance. They are also the ideal solution whenever customer-specific electronics are necessary or specified, and the available space and ambient conditions do not permit an embedded PC board to be used.  
Luterbach/Switzerland-based DIGITAL-LOGIC, one of the world‘s leading companies in the embedded computer market, was established in 1992 and is involved in the development, manufacture and international marketing of highly-integrated embedded PC’s. The group has subsidiaries in Germany and France, and currently employs around 100 specialist staff world-wide. DIGITAL-LOGIC has received many awards and knows how to be at the cutting edge of technology with innovative, reliable products and realises economical PC solutions for demanding applications. The ISO9001 certified company develops miniature computer systems based on the Intel architecture with x86 and Pentium processor performance. The product range comprises the standard products with embedded computer modules (smartModules) and boards (PC/104, EBX, Slot-PC), as well as customized embedded computers and MICROSPACE computer systems. 
For further information, please contact: 
DIGITAL-LOGIC AG (Manufacturer) 
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DIGITAL-LOGIC AG E-mail sales@digitallogic.com 
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Advanced Digital Logic Inc (USA Partner) 
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