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November 5, 2003

From Parvus Corporation

New Thermostat-Controlled PC/104 Fan Card with Temperature, Humidity and Pressure Sensors

Contact Name: Mike Southworth
Contact Email: mike_southworth@parvus.com
WebSite: http://www.parvus.com/news.htm

Parvus’ Environmental Fan Card II Offers Solution for Thermal Management and Environmental Monitoring of Electronic Devices in Military, Industrial and Transportation Applications  
SALT LAKE CITY - November 5, 2003 – Parvus® Corporation today unveiled the ThermoCool™ PC/104 Environmental Fan Card II, a multi-function add-on module for PC/104 computer systems that provides temperature-controlled forced-air cooling together with environmental monitoring of humidity and pressure conditions. Pricing ranges from $187 to $224/each in volume orders of 100+ units, depending on configuration. 
The board’s two (2) high efficiency, brushless fans are designed to turn on and off, responding to changing temperature conditions, while conserving power and increasing product life when not in use. In a sealed enclosure, the Environmental Fan Card II can effectively reduce or even eliminate the need for an embedded system to have outside air exchange. Air is driven in a push-pull circular cooling pattern around the fan module and adjacent PC/104 cards. 
Besides providing thermal management, the Environmental Fan Card II integrates capacitive humidity and atmospheric pressure sensors, which can be used as alarm indicators of moisture and pressure changes within an enclosed PC/104 system. The humidity sensor measures from 1-99% relative humidity with instantaneous desaturation, and the board’s pressure sensor delivers a highly accurate, linear voltage output directly proportional to applied pressure (0-29 PSI) - with precise span and offset calibration, as well as temperature compensation.  
This product is available in two versions – one with all three sensors (temperature, pressure, humidity) and another with a temperature sensor only. Standard features include two (2) Form C relays, two (2) digital inputs, four (4) or seven (7) analog inputs, LED indicator, configuration jumpers, and Windows® 9x/NT/2000/XP drivers and test utility. An optional cable set with an external digital temperature sensor is also available if remote fan management is desired.  
Parvus Corporation is a leading North American manufacturer and systems integrator of modular computer boards, enclosures, displays and embedded systems based on the PC/104 circuit board standard. Parvus offers rugged, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) computing solutions ideal for avionics, military, medical, industrial, and transportation OEMs. For more information, visit www.parvus.com or call 801.483.1533. 
See http://www.news.parvus.com for high-resolution, downloadable artwork and an MS Word copy of this announcement.  
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