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January 20, 2004 4:44PM

From Argon Technology Corp

PXE & BOOTP Support for Intel 82551ER & 82541ER Embedded LAN Controllers

Contact Name: Basat Khalifa
Contact Email: basatk@argontechnology.com
WebSite: http://www.ArgonTechnology.com

Argon Technology announces the release of their newest versions of Argon Managed PC Boot Agent™ (MBA) boot ROM code for BIOS integration. This release supports the Intel Pro/100 and Pro/1000 network adapter family. The MBA binary can be easily integrated into embedded systems using BIOSes from Phoenix, Award, and General Software and is of particular interest to manufacturers of embedded boards and devices wishing to add value to their products.  
With the MBA integrated, network administrators gain the many benefits of network booting (LAN boot) and remote management. These include the ability to remotely deploy new operating systems, applications and image files, and perform administrative tasks, such as virus scanning and file backups, on startup. 
The new releases support the following Intel adapters: 
* Intel 82551ER 10/100MB Embedded LAN controller 
* Intel 82559ER 10/100MB Embedded LAN controller 
* Intel 82541EI (Gigabit) 
* Intel 82541GI (Gigabit) 
* Intel 82541ER (Gigabit) Embedded LAN controller 
Argon's MBA code supports all network booting protocols in a single binary, so users need to create only one BIOS release to support Preboot Execution Environment (PXE), RPL, NetWare, and traditional DHCP and BOOTP. 
In addition to the binary version of the Argon MBA code, manufacturers of embedded products can now get MBA firmware in a bootable Disk On Chip format. This makes it easy to add network booting capabilities to older systems where BIOS integration is not possible. 
Argon offers free, no obligation compatibility testing to embedded product manufactures. You simply send the appropriate hardware to Argon. Alternately, they will provide you with all the tools to do your own in-house testing and integration. 
About Argon Technology Corporation 
Argon Technology is a world leader in network booting solutions. Founded by former employees of 3Com Corporation, Argon is licensed to build, support and develop the network booting technologies formerly provided by 3Com’s Lanworks subsidiary. 
The company’s Boot ROM technology supports all leading manufactures of networking ASICs and add-in cards, as well as desktop management applications that comply with the Wired for Management standard. Argon also provides consulting and training services that help its customers use network booting to lower PC ownership costs. 
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Website: www.ArgonTechnology.com/embedded/ 
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