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February 19, 2004

From Argon Technology Corporation

PXE Technology for Embedded systems

Contact Name: Dawood Ahmad
Contact Email: DawoodA@ArgonTechnology.com
WebSite: http://www.ArgonTechnology.com

Argon Technology Corporation, the world leader in developing network boot technologies, offers its Managed PC boot Agent (MBA) as a network boot solution for PC104 embedded systems.  
· Enables remote and pre-OS network booting 
· Simplifies client management for lower total cost of ownership 
· Supports all major network controllers, including Intel 82559ER,82551ER, 82541(EI, GI, ER), DP83815 and Realtek 8139 LAN Controller chipsets 
What is Managed PC Boot Agent?  
Managed Boot Agent™ (MBA™) is boot ROM firmware. It enables client devices to perform network booting - letting them access and boot from boot image files on a server. MBA supports multiple network booting protocols and network environments, such as the Wired for Management specification's Preboot Execution Environment (PXE), NetWare NCP/IPX (802.2, 802.3, Ethernet II), IBM's RPL, traditional DHCP and BOOTP. 
MBA is available as a boot ROM chip for network adapters, as a binary file for integration into a system BIOS for LAN-on-motherboard implementations, or as a bootable floppy disk or CD. There's a version for most popular LAN Controller Chips, including those from 3Com, Broadcom, Intel, Realtek, AMD, National Semiconductor, DEC, SMC, VIA and others. 
What can you do with MBA? 
MBA and network booting add another tool to the system administrator's toolbox, helping reduce the Total Cost of Ownership associated with managing today's embedded clients and devices. With network booting, you can deploy from a central location, client device maintenance and management utilities such as remote OS and application deployment, virus scanning, critical file backup and recovery, BIOS flash upgrades, and more. You can also boot diskless systems such as thin clients and embedded systems. 
Client Management Services™  
PXE Server - BOOTP Server for Windows  
With CMS you can maintain and manage client PCs, servers,  
laptops, and embedded systems from a central location, dramatically lowering your TCO. CMS includes all the administration tools and PXE Server Services needed to take full advantage of PXE and network booting. Each networked device can boot the operating system from the network every time it is powered on. Deploy your favourite client management and maintenance programs and have them executed before the 
PC boots the operating system from its local hard disk. Perform fully automated and unattended installation of any Microsoft Windows OS over the network – regardless of which hardware you use. Download a fully functional 15-day trial version from: 
For more information call: 
Toll: 866.274.6655 
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or email: info@ArgonTechnology.com