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From Octagon Systems Corp.

Cost-effective, high performance PC/104 USB engine

Contact Name: Rick Applegate
Contact Email: rapplegate@octagonsystems.com
WebSite: http://www.octagonsystems.com/pages/products.html

Octagon Systems announces a rugged, PC/104 SBC designed to operate from –40? to 85? C. The 2060 is a low-cost, low power, Pentium® II performance SBC designed for high performance, embedded applications. In addition to the two serial ports and the standard PC I/O, the 2060 has two USB ports, digital I/O, on-board video and a CompactFlashTM socket for bootable and removable memory to 2 GB. The CompactFlash requires no drivers, and is available with board support packages for popular operating systems. The 2060 is a cost-effective, high performance PC/104 USB engine for a variety of embedded applications. 
The 2060’s two USB ports and on-board video support give users a unique combination of capabilities due to the wide variety of low-cost USB devices available with built-in, flat panel support. The built-in diagnostics can be run in the field without any test equipment. The 2060 avoids the common boot-failure from a depleted CMOS battery by storing an image in serial EEPROM, minimizing downtime and service calls. The serial ports and the parallel port have back-drive protection. The card also has over-voltage and reverse voltage protection. 
Board support packages, Octagon’s OS Embedder™ kits, are available for Linux 2.6, QNX, and DOS. The watchdog timer is programmable from 2ms to 120 seconds. The 2060 is designed for transportation, automation, point-of-sale, SCADA, and other applications where high reliability and/or harsh environments are present. The is priced at $374 for quantities under 100. Delivery is from stock. 
Octagon Systems is the largest manufacturer of embedded PC computers for the –40? to 85? C environment. Octagon's quality management system is certified to the ISO:9001 2000 standard. Our quality system has been ISO-certified since 1993. Octagon manufactures its own products and has in-house certification and verification laboratories to meet various world standards. Located in Westminster, CO, Octagon has made rugged computers since 1981. Octagon provides high reliability, PC–based solutions for a wide variety of applications including transportation, medical, industrial control and COTS.