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April 30, 2004

From Eurotech S.p.A.

Eurotech presents a new PC/104-Plus FireWire Module with Three IEEE-1394b Channels

Contact Name: Cargnelutti Andrea
Contact Email: a.cargnelutti@eurotech.it
WebSite: http://www.eurotech.it/main/whatsnewlistnfe.asp?SubM=whatsnew

Eurotech announce the release of a new communication module, the COM-1461, a PC/104-Plus compliant 3-Port FireWire module designed to meet the advanced features of the new IEEE-1394b bus standard.  
Fully compliant with the OHCI v1.1 specification, the COM-1461 module supports transmission speeds up to 800 Mbps (S100, S200, S400 and S800 transfer rates available).  
Thanks to its three bilingual IEEE-1394b connectors, the COM-1461 can be connected to all IEEE-1394b devices, while maintaining backwards compatibility to IEEE-1394a peripherals, ensuring the widest possible connection options to the external world.  
The COM-1461 module is capable of supplying up to 45 Watts of power to external devices through its IEEE-1394b ports, which are galvanically isolated to ensure extensive protection to any connected devices.  
When combined with a Eurotech PC/104-Plus CPU module, the COM-1461 provides OEMs and system integrators with a powerful, complete computing solution designed for applications that take advantage of IEEE-1394b technology to rapidly transfer high levels of data in real-time.  
Eurotech develop and market complete embedded solutions: Single Board Computers and add-on modules compliant with the PC/104, PC/104-Plus and CompactPCI market standards.  
Innovative technology and specific know-how allow Eurotech to provide OEM products for system integrators (ASES: Application Specific Embedded Systems).  
Based on a PCx86 open architecture, Eurotech products guarantee a very short time-to-market by consistently reducing the interval between the starting idea and the finished product. Besides, they take in charge the whole problem of device implementation, leaving the integrator free to concentrate on the main project. 
PC architecture allows to select the processorís performance (ranging from 386 to Pentium III) and to install any of the operating systems available on the market (Windows XP Embedded, CE-Net, Linux, QNX, VxWorks, DOS). Eurotech provides the CPU modules and the related Board Support Packages (BSP); the add-on modules come with device drivers that speed up the writing of the application software.  
Eurotech products are built using off-the-shelf components (COTS); nevertheless, they can be supplied in a rugged version, with features like tropicalization, extended temperature range, vibration resistance and so on, which ensure high reliability in harsh environments.