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15 July 2004 2:00pm

From Arcom

Arcom announces 533MHz IXP425 XScale™ based PC/104 SBC for secure embedded communications

Contact Name: Jenny McCrae
Contact Email: jmccrae@arcom.com
WebSite: http://www.arcom.com

Kansas City, USA and Cambridge, UK – July, 2004 – Arcom has released a new and exciting low power Intel IXP425 XScale based single board computer for secure embedded communication systems. The MERCURY is a low power PC/104 compatible single board computer based on the 533MHz Intel IXP425 XScale network processor.  
The IXP425 is an implementation of the low power Intel XScale microarchitecture and includes two on-chip 10/100baseT Ethernet controllers, high speed serial ports and a PCI bus interface to local peripherals. The IXP425 also includes hardware accelerated encryption (AES, DES, 3DES) and authentication (SHA-1, MD5) for enhanced Ethernet based communication security. 
The MERCURY includes four high speed USB 2.0 ports, four serial ports (RS-232/RS-422/485), battery backed SRAM, RTC and a GPIO port. The combination of 64Mbytes of soldered DRAM and 16 or 32Mbytes Flash memory, along with the high speed local I/O makes this an ideal platform for low power, secure wired/wireless remote terminal units, industrial network gateways and data acquisition systems. The CompactFlash (CF+) port serves as a convenient interface for memory and inexpensive WiFi cards while the PC/104 bus expansion connector is an ideal interface to link to a custom I/O baseboard or adding off-the-shelf PC/104 modules. For security sensitive products, the MERCURY includes a tamper switch input to detect enclosure intrusion and a unique 48-bit silicon serial number for asset tracking. 
A comprehensive embedded Linux Development Kit is available and includes the 533MHz MERCURY single board computer fitted with 64Mbytes DRAM, 16Mbytes of Flash and 256Kbytes SRAM, along with the MERCURY ICE (Industrial Compact Enclosure), a serial and Ethernet cable set and a Quickstart manual.  
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About Arcom (www.arcom.com)  
Arcom, a Spectris company (LSE: SXS.L), is a leading supplier of embedded computer and communications technology to industry. Founded in 1982, Arcom has developed a broad range of standard embedded hardware and software solutions for control, data acquisition and data delivery systems. From its design centers in Kansas City (US) and Cambridge (UK), Arcom is also able to offer Design Services to meet the needs of high volume OEM and specialized customer requirements.