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10/15/04 4:00PM

From Octagon Systems

PC/104 Analog Cards cover a wide range of applications

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Westminster, CO, October 15, 2004 - Octagon has expanded its PC/104 line with four new analog cards designed for demanding applications in industry, transportation, COTS and medical. The set embraces a wide range of I/O options requiring analog I/O, digital I/O and timing and pacing functionality. Conversion rates range from 100K to 500K samples/sec with resolutions of 12- and 16-bits. All have programmable gain inputs. FIFO memories allow high speed data acquisition without increasing processor overhead. All provide auto-calibration under software control making the data stable over the temperature range. The use of digital zero and span adjustments completely eliminate shifts due to vibration and temperature. All have digital I/O from eight to 24 lines and 12-bit analog output. The inputs can be configured for 16/32 single-ended or 8/16 differential lines. All contain DC/DC converters provide low noise power to the analog circuitry and allow 5V only operation. The cards operate from -40 to 85 C or -20 to 70 C. Software drivers included.  
Prices range from $345 to $595 in small quantities. Delivery is stock to three weeks.  
Octagon Systems is the largest manufacturer of embedded PC computers for the -40 to 85 C environment and provides high reliability, PC-based solutions for a wide variety of applications including transportation, medical, industrial control, and COTS. Octagon's quality management system was implemented in 1993 and is certified to the ISO 9001: 2000 standard. Octagon manufactures its own products and has in-house certification and verification laboratories to meet various world standards. Located in Westminster, CO, Octagon has made rugged computers since 1981.