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March 2, 2005


New PC/104-Plus Embedded PC: The Cool FrontRunner

Contact Name: Peter Kannegiesser
Contact Email: pkannegiesser@lippert-at.com
WebSite: http://www.lippert-at.com/index.php?id=295

February 2005 – Mannheim, Germany.  
LiPPERT complements its PC/104-Plus standard product line with the Cool FrontRunner. The module is build around AMD’s new Pentium compatible Geode GX 500@1.0 W processor, which needs only a mere one watt while still running at 366 MHz. It is compatible with mainstream x86 software, especially Windows and Linux operating systems.  
The Cool FrontRunner’s rugged construction and 5 watt only supply requirement predestinate it for automotive and industrial applications, where low-power consumption and wide extended temperature range are essential prerequisites. 
Combined with a CS5535 I/O companion and a Super I/O chip, this processor forms the kernel of an embedded PC that features most of the classic interfaces. There are CRT, TFT and LVDS adapters to connect many display types. PS/2 is used for keyboard and mouse; an LPT interface is integrated, too. There are also eight general purpose I/O signals available. External peripherals can be hooked up using one of the four available USB host ports. A Fast Ethernet adapter allows the module to be attached to local networks. Three flexibly configurable serial ports can operate with the standard line protocols RS232, RS422 or RS485. 
The Cool FrontRunner is available with either 128 or 256 MB of DDR-SDRAM soldered to the printed circuit board. Local mass memory can be added using either the build-in IDE connector or a non-volatile DiskOnChip 2000 subsystem, for which a socket is provided.  
About LiPPERT Automationstechnik GmbH 
Located in Mannheim, Germany, LiPPERT specializes in Embedded PC development for high reliability systems. Our main activities are in the fields of ultra-compact industrial PCs and communications technologies, where we provide COTS and custom specific solutions for mobile, military and consumer applications. We offer support for a wide range of operating systems and guarantee long-term product availability. For more information about LiPPERT and its single board computers, visit our website at http://www.lippert-at.com, send e-mail to info@lippert-at.com or contact our sales team at +49 621 43214-0.