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April 08, 2005

From Eurotech S.p.A

Rugged Digital Video Recorder from Eurotech

Contact Name: Andrea Cargnelutti
Contact Email: a.cargnelutti@eurotech.it
WebSite: http://www.eurotech.it/

Eurotech, thanks to its engineering expertise acquired into the PC/104 and PC/104-Plus sectors, developed today the Rugged Digital Video Recorder (DVR), a modular system that performs advanced capture and compression functionalities.  
Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, it is EN 50155 compliant. It can withstand extended temperature ranges (-25░C/+70░C) - no cooling fan is necessary - and can resist shocks, vibrations and high humidity.  
The Rugged DVR system is suitable for surveillance and security applications on transportation vehicles (such as buses or trains). It is available in several configurations and can include MPEG4 or JPEG-2000 compression. Furthermore the system can be provided with GSM/GPRS (UMTS) communication technologies, Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet controllers, and hi-speed USB 2.0 ports (capable of powering the connected devices).  
The system is provided with advanced auto-diagnosis features for monitoring the status of the system and it can be provided with a remote status monitor, with pre-alarm features that can send alert messages via SMS, improving security.  
The monitor functionality is accessible also when the DVR is powered down. In this way, if a failure occurs, it will be possible to download data and understand what caused the shut down of the systemů  
Visit www.eurotech.it or call +39.0433.485411 for further information. 
Eurotech, established in 1992, is today a leader in the field of Embedded Computer Technology (ECT).  
In addition to computer design and development, Eurotech is a one-stop site for the custom design of embedded PCs and high-performance embedded systems. 
Eurotech offers a complete range of products and services, supplying a broad spectrum of industries, including transportation, telecommunication, security technology, aerospace and manufacturing industries.