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April 14, 2005 5:20PM

From Micro/sys, Inc.

Module offers A/D, D/A, I/O, Timers, Linux Drivers

Contact Name: Donna Goedhart
Contact Email: dgoedhart.embeddedsys@comcast.net
WebSite: http://www.embeddedsys.com

The MPC555 can be added to any PC/104 computer board. It provides 24 digital I/O lines, sixteen 12-bit analog input lines, and three 16-bit counter/timer channels that will operate from 40C to +85C. Eight user LEDs and four general-purpose readable jumpers are also included. An option adds eight 12-bit analog output lines. For many systems, this "combo" board will be the only add-on board needed. 
The analog input section of the MPC555 implements a complete data acquisition system, with software programmable full-scale ranges of +5V, +10V, 5V, and 10V. The digital I/O lines are TTL level, and can source and sink 2.5mA each. The counter/timer channels can be used to count digital input events, measure time between events, and generate system timing interrupts. The counter/timers are normally clocked by the PC/104 system clock, but can be clocked by a user-installed oscillator if a particular frequency is needed. The analog output options add 4 or 8 DACs with +10V full-scale outputs. Both analog inputs and analog outputs can support data rates to 100kHz. 
The MPC555 ships with full documentation and a diskette that has C language example programs for MPC555 operation. Source code is included for customization, if desired. A device driver for Linux is also provided. The MPC555 is $265 in single quantity. An industrial temperature (-40C to +85C) version is also available starting at $275. The 4 and 8 channel analog output options are $95 and $175, respectively. Significant OEM discounts are available. Contact Technical Sales Dept., Micro/sys, Inc., 3730 Park Place, Montrose, CA, 91020, phone (818) 244-4600, FAX (818) 244-4246, email: info@embeddedsys.com, URL: www.embeddedsys.com. 
Micro/sys has been manufacturing OEM industrial microcomputer products since 1976, including board-level products and integrated computers. Micro/sys embedded computers are specified by OEMs in semiconductor processing, medical, mail handling, pharmaceutical, industrial marking, process control, and many other industries.