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April 29th 2005 12pm

From Arcom

Arcom announces Intel® Pentium® M single board computer for embedded applications

Contact Name: Jenny McCrae
Contact Email: jmccrae@arcom.com
WebSite: http://www.arcom.com/pr/released/APOLLO_05_pr.htm

Kansas City, USA and Cambridge, England – April, 2005 – Today’s leading laptop computers use high performance, power efficient Intel Centrino technology based on the Pentium M processor. Using Arcom’s latest highly integrated single board computer, this technology is now available for embedded applications requiring an extended product lifecycle, wide operating temperature range and in many cases, fanless operation. The APOLLO SBC is an industry standard EBX board (8” x 5.75”) packed with the widest selection of features to serve applications in high security systems, optical inspection, low profile fanless servers, compact machine controllers and multi-screen gaming displays.  
The APOLLO can be fitted with a range of CPUs from the 600MHz Celeron M to the latest 2.1GHz Pentium M to suit the performance requirements of specific applications. Based on the 855GME chipset, the APOLLO has been designed to exploit Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology to achieve the lowest possible power consumption while offering extra features such as dual video output, dual Ethernet with Gigabit Ethernet support, dual IEEE1394a Firewire ports, hot swap CompactFlash (CF+) socket, 6 USB 2.0 ports as well as an embedded Trusted Platform Module (TPM) security and tamper detection hardware.  
Based on a variety of performance benchmarks, tests show an APOLLO fitted with a 1.6GHz Pentium M CPU matches the performance of a 2.4GHz Pentium 4 desktop system but with approximately one third of the power consumption. Unlike most competitive products, the APOLLO has been specially designed to accommodate the largest footprint copper heatsink for the Celeron/Pentium M CPU, enabling true fan-less systems up to 65°C. 
The 855GME chipset includes the Extreme Graphics 2 controller that provides support for dual independent or dual simultaneous displays. Display data from the dual graphics pipeline can be interfaced with independent timing requirements to the onboard VGA and LVDS outputs or via an expansion connector to a variety of display option boards supporting analog CRT, standard TV-out (S-video) signal, LVDS and DVI. 
The APOLLO interface connectors have been selected and located for fast and easy integration into a system enclosure – eliminating the cost and complication of extra breakout panels. The CompactFlash port can be used for high capacity memory cards (for booting Windows XP Embedded for example) or other peripherals such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth cards. The APOLLO also offers 4 serial ports (including RS-422/485 with automatic RTS control) and a parallel digital I/O port configured to drive a low cost LCD character display – ideal for embedded server racks. 
The APOLLO is offered with ‘board support packages’ for Windows XP Embedded, Linux and VxWorks 5.5 and a low profile 1U 19” rack mount enclosure.  
Link to product information: http://www.arcom.com/ebx-pentium-m-apollo.htm 
Intel, Centrino, Pentium, Celeron, SpeedStep are trademarks or registered marks of Intel Corporation.  
About Arcom (www.arcom.com)  
Arcom, a Spectris company (LSE: SXS.L), is a leading supplier of embedded computer and communications technology to industry. Founded in 1982, Arcom has developed a broad range of standard embedded hardware and software solutions for control, data acquisition and data delivery systems. From its design centers in Kansas City (US) and Cambridge (UK), Arcom is also able to offer Design Services to meet the needs of high volume OEM and specialized customer requirements.