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May 12, 2005

From Parvus

Parvus to Release OrbiTrak™ GSM, 12-Chan GPS / Tri-Band GSM Solution for On-Vehicle Mobile Apps

Contact Name: Mike Southworth
Contact Email: msouthworth@parvus.com
WebSite: http://www.parvus.com

New Embedded PC/104 Module from Parvus Targets Onboard Computing Applications Requiring Worldwide Wireless GSM/GPRS Roaming and Precise GPS Positioning 
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – May 12, 2005– Parvus Corporation today announced that it will soon release the OrbiTrak™ GSM, a new PC/104 module for intelligent vehicle and airborne computing systems requiring worldwide GSM/GPRS roaming and GPS positioning.  
An ideal solution for demanding mobile communications and global positioning applications (bus, rail, ship, air), the OrbiTrak GSM combines wireless tri-band GSM/GPRS connectivity with a low-power 12-channel parallel-tracking GPS receiver in a single, highly integrated embedded board. This compact (3.550 x 3.775”), hardened telematics module is built to resist high mechanical stress, thermal shock and extended temperature operation.  
Supporting full interrupt-sharing for all its serial ports, the board includes a 4-channel 16C550 UART with two RS-232 serial ports free for other devices. Board configuration is done using FlexiSet™ EEPROM board settings, which eliminates banks of interrupts and base address jumpers. A 16-bit wide programmable digital I/O is provided to interface with other low-power digital devices, along with two automotive level digital inputs to connect to any 12V or 24V digital signals. An audio interface port for a headset is also provided in order to give maximum comfort with user voice communications. A standard SIM card can be installed into the board’s onboard locking cardholder.  
GSM Modem: Siemens 900/1800/1900MHz MC45 GSM/GPRS modem with onboard or external SIM card interface  
GPS Receiver: 12-channel low power iTrax02 GPS receiver NMEA and Binary GPS protocols, supports +3.3V/+5V antennas  
DIO: 16 programmable digital I/O; Two +12/24V automotive digital inputs -one connected to odometer counter; Software configured pull-up/down in groups of 4 lines  
Serial Ports: Four 16C550 compatible RS-232 serial ports (2 are reserved for GPS and modem)  
Audio: Audio I/O port for headset  
Other Features: I2C bus, onboard temperature sensor, GPS status LEDs  
Jumperless Config: Jumperless FlexiSet™ BASE address and IRQ, EEPROM stored setup; Board configuration in BASE+400h 
I2C Bus: External I2C-bus for device expansion; Onboard temperature sensor (I2C-bus) 
The OrbiTrak GSM is expected to become available by late Q2/early Q3. Pricing will be from $298 to $398/each in volume orders of 100 units or more. Two versions will be offered: GSM only or GPS/GSM combo.  
Since 1983, Parvus Corporation has been a strategic systems engineering and development partner for aerospace, defense, transportation, and industrial OEMs. Specializing in the rapid design and production of turnkey embedded computing solutions for harsh environments, Parvus leverages extensive expertise in systems integration and a complete line of rugged PC/104, PC/104-Plus, and PCI-104 computer modules to ensure high reliability and accelerate time-to-market for its customers. Parvus is the US arm of the Eurotech Group, which has operations across Europe, North America and Asia. 
Visit www.parvus.com or call 801.483.1533 for more information.