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July 27, 2005 10:30AM

From ARBOR Technology Corp.

ARBOR announces Intel Pentium M based embedded module for long life embedded projects.

Contact Name: Kenny Lin
Contact Email: marcom@arbor.com.tw
WebSite: http://www.arbor.com.tw

Taipei, July 27, 2005 - ARBOR Technology Corp., a leading "Embedded & Network Computing" provider, announces the release of its newest EmCORE-i761 embedded board based on Intel® Pentium® M. EmCORE-i761 offers a very short time-to-market solution for OEM customers. The EmCORE-i761 embedded board concept of off-the-shelve core modules combined with custom made daughter board, reduces product development time for a full custom solution. Target markets for the EmCORE-i761 are Network Communication, Medical, Instrumentation, Transportation, Electronic Automation and POS. 
EmCORE-i761 is based on the Intel® 852GM and Intel® ICH4 chipset and supports both Intel® Pentium® M processors at 1.4GHz to 2.0 GHz and Intel® Celeron® M processors at 600MHz to 1GHz. Both chipset and processor are parts of Embedded Intel® Architecture (IA) that warrants long production life for applications that need extended availability. The module supports CRT/LCD dual displays, 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet, Ultra DMA 33 ATA EIDE, six Universal Serial Buses (USB2.0), AC97 Audio, Serial/Parallel ports, PS2 Keyboard/Mouse and PCI Expansion bus. 
The EmCORE-i761 standard supports embedded features such as RS-232 console redirection, one PCI interface to support 3 PCI master and 18 ~ 48-bit dual channel displays. It can be available with custom made daughter boards that have extra RS232 ports and 16-bit programmable DIO application. 
ARBOR's EmCORE-i761 series currently includes low power Intel® Celeron® M and Intel® Pentium® M processors. All modules are supported by BSPs for Microsoft Windows XP Embedded, Windows CE.NET and Linux. 
Product Features: 
◎ Intel® Ultra low Voltage Celeron® M 600MHz up to 1GHZ CPU onboard FSB400MHz (7W) 
◎ Intel® Low Voltage Pentium® M Dothan 1.4GHz CPU onboard FSB400MHz (10W) 
◎ Intel® Pentium® M Dothan Socket 478 CPU up to 2.0GHz FSB400MHz 
◎ One PCI Interface to Support 3 PCI Master 
◎ Support 6 RS-232 Serial Ports with Daughter Board (Optional) 
◎ Support 16-bit Programmable DIO with Daughter Board (Optional) 
◎ Support Dual Independent Displays 
◎ Support 18~48-bit Dual Channel LVDS, DVI & CRT 
◎ Support DDR 200/266 up to 1GB DDR SDRAM 
◎ Support 6 High Speed USB 2.0 Ports 
◎ Support Compact Flash Type I/II Socket up to 4GB 
Contact information: 
E-mail: marcom@arbor.com.tw 
Tel: 886-2-8226-9396 
Website: www.ARBOR.com.tw