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November 14, 2005 4:30PM

From Advanced Micro Peripherals

PC104+ MPEG4 Streaming Video Decoder Reduces CPU Load

Contact Name: Nigel Charig
Contact Email: charig@nildram.co.uk
WebSite: http://www.ampltd.com

The MPLAY4000 PC/104+ card is a low power MPEG4 decoder and playback solution that obviates the need for software video decoding. 
The MPLAY4000 is designed specially for embedded applications which may not have the luxury of a power-hungry, hot and super fast host CPU that would otherwise be required for software decoding. 
The MPLAY4000 provides full screen real-time playback of MPEG4 streams even on a modest 266MHz PC/104+ host computer. 
The MPLAY4000 accepts an MPEG4 Video stream across the 32 bit PC104+ bus from a file or live video source. It can decode and render this directly to a VGA monitor or via its analogue Composite or S-Video PAL/NTSC output to a TV monitor or RS170 display.  
MPLAY4000 also provides a stereo Analogue Audio output and a Digital Audio S/PDIF interface for playback of the decoded MPEG4 audio stream. 
Applications include remote video for robotics systems, traffic and transportation monitoring, medical and industrial imaging, mobile entertainment, security and Video on Demand. 
MPLAY4000 uses a compact 3.6 in. x 3.8 in. PC104+ form factor and operates from a single +5V supply, drawing less then 500 mA typically. Together with a low power medium performance CPU host such as the Advanced Micro Peripherals 533MHz Micro886ULP it can achieve a complete fanless MPEG4 decoder system running at less than 10W.  
Software device drivers for Win98/NT/2000/XP-E and Linux are included, as well as a sample MPEG4 playback application.