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Jan 24, 2006 12.45PM

From Micro Technic A-S

Get your product online with the new PC/104 GPRS/GSM modem with integrated PSU and I/O channels

Contact Name: Frank Max Laursen
Contact Email: frank@micro-technic.com
WebSite: http://www.micro-technic.com/pv1800/index.htm

The new Micronix PV-1800 from Micro Technic is a GPRS/GSM modem on PC/104 architec-ture comes with an integrated 20W power supply, isolated 12-bit A/D inputs and digital I/O. 
It creates a very unique and low-cost solution for remote data logging and control. The GPRS modem comes with a TCP/IP software which brings your product online 24/7. 
Time to market is paramount? Then why not look at the latest PC/104 module from Micro Technic in Denmark: Micronix PV-1800. Applying the PV-1800 to any CPU with a PC/104 interface allows you instantly to get your product/application online thru the TCP/IP over GPRS software which is supplied with the PC/104 module. The integrated I/O on the PV-1800 allows you to do data acquisition, control and supervision you know what to control and monitor, the PV-1800 provides the online interface! 
Besides the cellular GSM/GPRS modem the PV-1800 also includes a power supply, which provides 4A at 5V for external use, thus you do not need an extra power supply for your system. Micronix PV-1800 has an input supply of 8-35V, which is convenient for automotive and low-voltage applications. PV-1800 also has 8 isolated analogue (0-10V) inputs, enabling data acquisition directly on-board. Additionally 8 digital inputs and 7 high current digital outputs (all opto-isolated) enable the user to control auxiliary equipment. Events can be reported thru the SMS feature on the GSM modem. 
It withstands extended temperatures and the shock and vibration of mobile equipment.  
 GSM/GPRS modem, dual band 900/1800MHz 
 20 Watt output: 4A at +5V  
 8 isolated analogue inputs, 12-bit 
 8 digital inputs, opto-isolated 
 7 high-current (500mA) digital outputs (opto-isolated) 
 1 extra RS232 port 
 TCP/IP over GPRS software  
 Wide temperature range: -20 to +70C  
The Micronix PV-1800 is mainly targeted towards embedded M2M control- and supervision applications, vehicular and automotive systems.  
The Micronix PV-1800 Website online information available 
In-depth technical details on PV-1800, TCP/IP software and manuals, etc. can be found online: 
RFQ Request for quote 
We have made an easy to use quoting facility on our website, where visitors can enter their details to receive a quotation within 2 business days. It is your chance to realise the competitiveness of Micronix PV-1800 
Samples available in our web-shop at www.pc104shop.com 
If you are keen on receiving a sample of Micronix PV-1800 to your current or forthcoming product/project, please visit our online shop (www.pc104shop.com), which accepts all major credit cards, including American Express. Samples of Micronix PV-1800-S are available from stock at EUR 537.00 or USD 693.00