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January 26, 2006 4:30PM

From Advanced Micro Peripherals

Advanced Micro Peripherals VSP2000 embedded multichannel video surveillance processor board

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Advanced Micro Peripherals’ new VSP2000 is a high performance multi channel video surveillance processor integrating motion detection for up to 12 PAL/NTSC video sources on a single PC104+ card. 
VSP2000 monitors all 12 camera inputs in real time, instantly detecting any motion event. It uses the high speed PC104+ bus to signal such events to the host computer as well as to stream and overlay the 12 video channels to the host VGA display for live operator viewing. Regions of motion on the host display can be highlighted in real time to alert the operator and a buzzer provides an audible warning. A single PAL/NTSC Record output allows routing of a programmable sequence of video frames from the 12 sources to recording hardware such as the MPEG4000. 
Applications include perimeter fence monitoring, campus video security, control rooms, remote video surveillance, multi camera security and traffic monitoring and control. 
Software control is employed to scale and position the video channels together with system status information on the overlay window for the best user presentation. Area, speed and extent of change to be regarded as motion for each channel are also software controlled. 
VSP2000 is a high performance 32 bit PC104+ bus master consuming less than 2A on a single 5V supply, with an operating temperature range of 0 - 60ºC. A system can have multiple VSP2000s. A sample video monitoring application in C/C++ source code and software drivers for Windows98/ME/NT/2000/XP/XP-E are provided.