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9th june 2006 12pm

From Arcom

Fast Embedded Linux Device Design with Arcomís SBC-GX533

Contact Name: Jenny McCrae
Contact Email: jmccrae@arcom.com
WebSite: http://www.arcom.com/pr/released/gx533_linux_06_pr.htm

Arcomís new Development Kit allows faster and easier development of a wide range of embedded devices in a Linux environment.  
The kitís SBC-GX533 board has a compact Arcom Embedded Linux image installed in its onboard Flash. This allows engineers to start application design immediately, saving weeks or even months of development time. The SBC-GX533 board is well suited for deeply embedded, remote or unattended installations demanding reasonable processing power. It is a low profile, fan-less, RoHS compliant EBX form factor board with a 400 MHz AMD Geodeô GX533 1.1W processor.  
All usual PC interfaces are supported, plus extra features ideal for rugged industrial, networking and communications applications. The kit includes the board, Linux image, a power supply and all cables needed for immediate operation and applications download, plus an optional TFT and touchscreen.  
A Resource CD provides all documentation and source code. Arcom Embedded Linux uses the GNU/Linux v2.6 kernel with optional Java technology and the Compressed Journalling Flash Filing System (JFFS2) creating a highly reliable, power fail tolerant environment.