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September 22nd 2006 6pm

From Arcom

Arcom’s ultra low power PXA270 board designed for wireless asset management & mobile comms

Contact Name: Jenny Shepperd
Contact Email: jshepperd@arcom.com
WebSite: http://www.arcom.com/

Kansas City, USA and Cambridge, England – Arcom has announced the ZEUS, a RoHS compliant EPIC size, single board computer based on the Intel® 520MHz PXA270 XScale® RISC processor. The PXA270 is an implementation of the ARM compliant, Intel XScale microarchitecture combined with a comprehensive set of integrated peripherals. This ultra low power board design has a typical power consumption of just 2W but also supports several dynamically adjusted sleep modes to further reduce the power. These features, together with extensive communications options, a wide operating temperature range and a vehicle compatible power supply, make the ZEUS ideal for asset management, vehicle tracking, mobile terminals, and network communications controllers. 
ZEUS has seven onboard serial ports to support a wireless modem and GPS receiver while providing the traditional hardwired serial I/O functions for legacy communications. The ZEUS is available with a small adapter module fitted with a variety of GSM/GPRS, iDEN, CDMA wireless modem modules. Other cellular wireless modem standards such as EDGE and EVDO or even satellite modems can quickly and easily be incorporated into new module designs. Wireless communication combined with a versatile, rugged single board computer, serves as a powerful off-the-shelf solution for asset tracking and mobile telemetry applications.  
Other features include a TFT/STN flat panel graphics controller, analog touch screen controller, resident onboard soldered Flash and DRAM, dual 10/100baseTx Ethernet ports, I˛C controller, dual USB host controller, USB client, AC97 audio/codec, CompactFlash interface (CF+), SDIO and a standard PC/104 bus expansion connector. The ZEUS may be powered from the integrated DC/DC PSU (10-30V) or, from a single +5V input. The power supply has been designed for use with vehicle power looms and features transient suppression and protection. Other options include a CANbus controller and an LVDS adapter allowing connection to a flat panel display located up to 5m away. The CAN 2.0B protocol compatible controller has an opto-isolated transceiver and is well suited to vehicle and industrial control environments. 
The ZEUS is supported with ready-to-run Development Kits for Embedded Linux and Microsoft Windows CE 5.0. Each Development Kit contains a ZEUS pre-loaded with the embedded operating system and is designed for immediate application development. 
The ZEUS will be available for a minimum production life of 5 years and is offered with a 3 year warranty. The board may also be depopulated (subject to a MOQ) to meet specific customer requirements. 
Link to product information: http://www.arcom.com/pxa270-xscale-zeus.htm  
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Arcom is a leading supplier of embedded computer and communications technology to industry. Founded in 1982, Arcom has developed a broad range of standard embedded hardware and software solutions for control, data acquisition and data delivery systems. From its design centers in Kansas City (US) and Cambridge (UK), Arcom also offers Design Services to meet the needs of high volume OEM and specialized customer requirements.