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Oct. 4, 2007 10:23 am

From VersaLogic Corp.

VersaLogic Sidewinder SBC

Contact Name: Lisa Duckett
Contact Email: lisad@versalogic.com
WebSite: http://www.versalogic.com/Products/DS.asp?ProductID=193

At the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston, Sept. 2007 VersaLogic Corp. announced a new embedded Single Board Computer (SBC) designed to complement their existing 
EBX product line. The Sidewinder is a highly reliable fanless design featuring a robust complement of 
on-board I/O functions including 8-channel 12-bit analog input, and 32-channel digital I/O. In addition, 
the Sidewinder is RoHS compliant and includes VersaLogic's proprietary SPX™ expansion interface that allows users to easily add a wide-range of low-cost I/O options to the platform. 
The Sidewinder’s VIA Eden™ 1.2 GHz CPU is among the highest performance-per-watt processors available. It uses standard x86 architecture and a CX700M Chipset to support familiar operating systems and software applications. Standard features on the Sidewinder include up to 1 GB of DDR2 RAM, CompactFlash® socket, four COM ports, six USB 2.0 ports, and dual Ethernet ports. It also includes an integrated 18/24-bit LVDS flat-panel interface and supports CMOS-selectable TFT panel types. System expansion is supported by the PC/104-Plus interface (for ISA and PCI add-on modules) as well as VersaLogic's SPX interface for simplified I/O expansion. The Sidewinder can also be used as a CPU module for a larger system by plugging it into a proprietary base board that includes custom user I/O functions. 
The Sidewinder is ideal for aerospace, defense, homeland security, medical, and industrial applications. It is fully RoHS-compliant. VersaLogic’s Vice President of Engineering Gary Harris said, “The Sidewinder is a next generation feature-rich, high-performance SBC that will enable OEM design engineers to achieve new functionality in their product designs. And, because it supports our new SPX interface, designers are given broader flexibility for low cost I/O expansion.” 
As with other VersaLogic embedded computer boards, the Sidewinder features a General Software BIOS with OEM enhancements. The BIOS is customizable and field-upgradeable. It is designed to work with embedded operating systems including Windows® CE/XP/XPe, Linux, VxWorks®, QNX®, DOS, and others. The Sidewinder is scheduled to begin shipping in September 2007. Pricing is about $1,000 in low OEM quantities. For additional information contact VersaLogic Corp. at (541) 485-8575 or 
info@versalogic.com, or visit the on-line catalog at www.VersaLogic.com. 
About VersaLogic Corporation 
A leading supplier of industrial computers since 1976, VersaLogic focuses on high-quality board-level products for embedded OEM applications. Their five year product availability guarantee and outstanding warranties demonstrate a commitment to service. Product platforms include EBX, PC/104, PC/104-Plus, EPIC, and SPX. For four years running VersaLogic has received the coveted "Platinum" level vendor rating based on independent user surveys by technology research firm Venture Development Corporation (VDC). For more information, visit www.VersaLogic.com