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Jan 14, 2008 10:30AM

From Advanced Micro Peripherals Ltd

PC/104+ MPEG4 Codec encodes four full-size video streams concurrently

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Advanced Micro Peripherals’ new MPEG4000XLP is a single low power PC/104+ MPEG4 Codec board that encodes up to four concurrent full-size realtime analogue inputs from PAL or NTSC video and audio sources. It can also decode and playback video and audio recordings from storage to display. A Preview feature allows incoming video to be viewed on the host screen in parallel with the recording process. 
The MPEG400XLP is a high performance, low power frame grabber and MPEG4 encoder/decoder on a 32 bit PCI architecture ideal for compact or space limited environments. It can capture from one to four channels of live video from cameras, DVDs or other sources. Audio/video synchronisation is provided on each channel. Text and graphics annotation can be superimposed on any channel using the high resolution text overlay function.  
The MPEG4000XLP can record all four channels at full size concurrently, by reducing the frame rate. Other configuration tradeoffs allow resolutions to 720 x 576, frame rates to 120fps and MPEG4 compression on 1, 2 or 4 concurrent input channels. Incoming video can be previewed at the same time on the host screen. The high performance MPEG4 video data compression and reduced bus utilisation allows up to four MPEG4000XLP boards within a single PC/104+ system, providing up to 16 concurrent video streams to disk or across a network. 
The MPEG4000XLP consumes less than 1.7A from a single 5V supply, and operates from 0 to 60ºC. An extended temperature -40 to +85ºC version is available. Because the MPEG4000XLP processes multiple channels of real time PAL/NTSC video with minimal host CPU intervention, even a 166MHz Pentium-1 class CPU is sufficient to host multiple cards rather than a power-hungry fan cooled GHz Pentium-4 computer. 
The high performance, low power requirement, inherent low heat dissipation and rugged construction of the MPEG4000XLP equip it for mobile computing, transportation, industrial and other demanding environments.  
Typical applications include remote surveillance, multi camera security installations, solid state DVR, Intranet/Internet video streaming, traffic monitoring and control, medical archiving, vehicle based codec and video acquisition and analysis. 
MPEG4000XLP is supported by a suite of drivers for Windows XP/XPE/2000/NT, Linux and QNX. AMP also provides example video recording applications in C/C++ source code. 
Lee Foss, Advanced Micro Peripherals’ Technical Director, commented “The MPEG4000XLP offers an exciting opportunity to systems integrators, because it offers more functionality and better performance than earlier generation products, yet is competitively priced”. 
About Advanced Micro Peripherals 
Advanced Micro Peripherals is an ISO9001 registered designer and supplier of high performance, low power, rugged PC/104– Plus and PC/104 products and embedded solutions. With core expertise in PAL/NTSC video, their range includes video capture and compression cards, communications controllers and ultra low power computers. This growing range of embedded solutions is designed, produced and supported by Advanced Micro Peripherals’ highly qualified team of engineers from their headquarters near Cambridge in the UK. Years of design and production experience are combined with leading edge technology into compact, powerful and durable products for customers throughout the UK, Europe, the US and beyond.  
Applications as diverse as military ground vehicle video, remote video surveillance and in flight entertainment are supported within the aerospace, military, marine, automotive, utility, defence and other demanding market areas.  
With Advanced Micro Peripherals’ extensive line of embedded products and video expertise, together with their development kits and custom design and consultancy services, customers can take their concepts to market fast, efficiently and cost effectively.