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Teka Interconnection Systems
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SELF SOLDERING PC/104 and Plus Connectors

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Teka Interconnection Systems is the exclusive manufacturer of PC104 and Plus SELF SOLDERING CONNECTORS. Teka's proprietary Solder-Flux Bearing Lead Technology economically pre-deposits individual segments of solder and flux to each contact. This enables in-line single pass reflow in any conventional convection SMT oven, or off-line with localized hot air - without adding any additional solder, solder paste or flux.

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Solder-Flux Bearing Technology works.

Solder-Flux Bearing Leads All that is required for reflow is to place Teka's connectors on the PCB and apply general or localized heat to the point of solder reflow - using conventional SMT equipment and processes
100% Hole fill and top and bottom fillets
without adding any additional
solder, solder paste or flux

64 and 40 pin J1/J2 and 120 pin J3
Stack or No-Stack Options

.100" and 2.0 mm Headers Available with Solder-Flux Bearing Leads
Reliable Solder Joints


Proven Reliability
Teka's PC/104 and Plus connectors are used by the world's largest PC/104 Module manufacturers


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