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Oct. 5, 2001

From Sealevel Systems

8 Input / 8 Output Form C Digital I/O Interface

Contact Name: Jill Smith
Contact Email: jills@sealevel.com
WebSite: http://www.sealevel.com/catalog/8011.htm

Liberty, SC - Sealevel Systems, Inc. announces the PLC-16.PCI, an addition to its popular digital I/O product line. The PLC-16.PCI provides 8 optically isolated inputs and 8 Form C relay outputs, which can be utilized for various PC, based control and sensing operations. The PLC-16 PCI's 8 inputs provide optical isolation to protect the PC and other sensitive equipment from spikes and ground loop current that can be generated in industrial environments. 
The 8 Form C electromechanical relay outputs provide higher current capabilities (up to 2A) than reed relays. The PLC-16.PCI allows full access to both sides of all 8 Form C relays, providing a no compromise solution. 
Optimized for 0-24 VAC or DC operation, the PCI bus compliant PLC-16.PCI supports all PCI interrupts. Multiple adapters may reside in the same PC, supporting various applications, including external voltage sensing, load sensing, external switch sensing, and contact closure monitoring and control. 
For ease in wiring, the card's HD44 connector can be interfaced directly to Sealevel's terminal block kit, Part# 8011-KT. The kit, consisting of a 6 ft. M/F cable and TB08 screw terminal block, simplifies field wiring by providing an interface with PLC like nomenclature. A second cabling option, available as Part# 8011-KT2, provides a separate terminal block for inputs and outputs, along with a HD44 to (2) DB37 cable. 
The card ships with Sealevel Systems' SeaI/O suite of Windows 98/ME/NT/2000 drivers. Linux driver support is also available. SeaI/O provides the user with a consistent and straightforward API (Application Programmer Interface), allowing the developer to concentrate on the details of the application as opposed to low-level driver development. Popular development environments including Visual C++, Visual Basic, and Delphi are supported for application development. SeaI/O includes a utility for configuring the driver parameters under Windows 98/ME/NT/2000, further simplifying installation. 
Sealevel products can be used with 3rd party software packages including HMI / MMI, Recipe/ Batch Management, Test, and Instrumentation, including Wonderware, Test Point, iFIX, Labview and others. See (http://www.sealevel.com/3rdpartysw.htm), for a current list of supported 3rd party software packages. Also, view our FAQ located at http://www.sealevel.com/faq.htm, for our latest additions, detailed instructions and white papers. 
The PLC-16.PCI, product number 8011, is available immediately from stock and has a retail price of $249.00. The 8011KT includes the CA185 cable and TB08 terminal block kit, retailing at $299.00. The 8011KT2 includes the CA184 cable and (2) TB02 terminal blocks, retailing for $339.00. OEM / Volume pricing is available. A wide variety of other PCI, USB, ISA, PCMCIA, and PC/104 products are also available. Visit our homepage at http://www.sealevel.com/ 
For more information on Sealevel Systems or any of its products, contact: Jill Smith at Sealevel Systems, Inc., by phone at 864-843-4343, or by e-mail at jills@sealevel.com. The text from this press release is available along with a photo, is available from our web site at http://www.sealevel.com/media/8011.zip 

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