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November 25, 2002 12:00 PM

From Quatech, Inc.

Bundle Up This Winter with HOT Savings on Quatech PCI 10 Packs

Contact Name: Lisa Hephner
Contact Email: lhephner@quatech.com
WebSite: http://www.quatech.com/bundle-up.htm

Save 30% with these Special Bundle Packages Available through December 31, 2002 
Universal PCI: 
SSCLP-100: One Port RS-232 Universal PCI Board—Buy 10 for $759 
DSCLP-100: Two Port RS-232 Universal PCI Board—Buy 10 for $1099 
Quatech Low Profile PCI boards provide truly universal connectivity, enabling a single product to be used to implement systems with dramatically different resource requirements. This makes Quatech boards the most robust, most flexible, and most economical choice for any application requiring additional serial ports. 
The SSCLP-100 and DSCLP-100 are built on the new Low Profile PCI footprint defined by the latest PCI specification. Low Profile PCI was designed to provide greater flexibility for embedded systems, thin-clients, and desktop and server environments. The boards are mechanically similar to standard PCI boards, but use a shorter board and a different mounting bracket. They are designed to fit into systems as low as 3.350" without using riser cards. The boards are built on 32-bit addressing, and can be used in standard PCI backplanes or with specialized Low Profile PCI brackets.  
Standard PCI: 
DSC-100-550: Two Port RS-232 PCI Board —Buy 10 for $599  
That's a savings of 53% off our standard DSC-100 board pricing. 
The DSC-100-550 two port RS-232 serial PCI board is an older version of our current DSC-100. The only difference in the products are that this board is equipped with 16550 UARTs and the newest boards use state-of-the-art 16750 UARTs. The result is that the DSC-100-550 boards have smaller FIFOs (16-byte vs. 64 byte) and consequently are limited to 230.4 kbps max data rates (vs. 921.6 kbps). However, the premium performance provided by the DSC-100 may not be needed for typical, low speed serial applications--such as implementing keyboards, bar code readers, scanners and other standard serial peripherals that are only capable of sending data at 115.2 kbps. If you are implementing such an application, this is a perfect opportunity for you to purchase Quatech quality at a significantly reduced price.  
Special Bundle Pricing also available on selected Quatech PCMCIA and USB serial connectivity products. 
Call 800-553-1170 or order online!

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