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 About Microcomputer Systems, Inc.

Microcomputer Systems, Inc., located in Baton Rouge, LA, was established in 1976 for the design and fabrication of state-of-the-art industrial instrumentation systems. The personnel of our company are highly trained individuals who specialize in hardware and software design, and in the fabrication of microcomputer networks. Our engineering personnel are well qualified having degrees ranging from the B.S.E.E. to the Ph.D. with years of practical experience in the industrial environment. Our people have been intimately involved in board level microcomputer design since the introduction of the microprocessor into the marketplace in the early 1970's. Notable works include renovation of the scoreboard and pylon systems of the New Orleans Superdome, design and manufacture of Auto/Manual Back-up Controllers used by Exxon/Esso in their worldwide refining operations, and the Lock and Dam instrumentation for navigation control on the Red River.

 Custom Designs are our Specialty

We specialize in custom board design for your specific application to minimize your product cost and to maximize your product reliability by eliminating unused hardware of general purpose cards. Our custom designs for clients range from multi-processor cards (e.g., nine MC68HC811E microcontrollers on an inter-module bus) to special I/O cards, both digital and analog. Recent developments include isolated analog input cards for the Mexican Metro system, special MODEM and Tone Decoder cards for the FAA Instrument Landing System (ILS) in commercial aviation, and a 16-channel serial multiplexer card for a major U.S. corporation.

 STD Products

We presently offer the following STD Bus products to serve the embedded control marketplace:

* MSI-C432 - Analog Input Card
Provides up to 32 channels of 12-bit analog inputs, 1/2 LSB linearity, 332 ksps, software programmable for 5V and 10V unipolar and bipolar inputs with input protection to 16.5V, and 16-bit I/O or memory mapped addressing. Requires +5V only. Four models provide 8, 16, 24 or 32 channels for $200, $250, $300 or $350.

* MSI-C422 - 4/20 mA Analog Output Card
Provides up to 8 channels of 12-bit, 4-to-20 mA outputs with 16-bit I/O or memory addressing, open-loop alarm status and indication, and requires no adjustments. Two models provide 4 and 8 channels for $295 and $395.

* MSI-C988 - V20 Universal SBC Card
A V20-based CMOS microcomputer card designed for embedded monitoring and control in harsh environments. Provides 32K bytes each of PROM and battery-backed RAM, a time-of-day clock, two fully-programmable serial ports, three 16-bit counter/timers, twenty-four TTL I/O lines, an interrupt controller and a 10-bit A/D converter. Requires +5V only.

* MSI-C851 - 80C51FA Microcontroller Card
A 80C51FA-based CMOS microcontroller card 64K/128K bytes of PROM/battery-backed RAM, a time-of-day clock, two fully-programmable serial ports, six 16-bit counter/timers, thirty-two TTL I/O lines and an interrupt controller. Requires +5V only.

* MSI-C852 - BASIC Microcontroller Card
The MSI-C851 with Intel's BASIC interpreter installed.

* MSI-C420 - Isolated Analog Input Card
Provides four isolated channels of 12-bit analog-to-digital conversion. Output ranges of 0-1V, 0-5V, 0-10V, -5 to +5V, -10 to +10V, 0-20 mA and 4-20 mA with 16-bit I/O mapped addressing. Input-to-input & input-to-bus isolation of 750V. Requires +5V only.

* MSI-C418 - Analog Output Card
Provides eight channels of 12-bit digital-to-analog conversion. Output ranges of 0-5V, 0-10V, -5 to +5V and -10 to +10V with 16-bit I/O or memory mapped addressing.

* MSI-C412 - Analog I/O Card
Provides eight channels of 12-bit A/D input conversion and four 8-bit D/A output channels with ranges of 0-5V and 0-20 mA (input).

* MSI-7563 - I/O & Interrupt Card
Provides 24 buffered TTL lines, 3 counter/timers, an RS-232C or 20 mA serial port, and an interrupt controller (82C59A).

* MSI-7561 - Quad RS-232 Serial Card
Provides four RS-232C channels and an interrupt controller (82C59A).

* MSI-7570 - Quad RS-422 Serial Card
Provides four RS-422 channels and an interrupt controller (82C59A).

* MSI-C730 - CMOS Timer & I/O Card
Provides 21 programmable counter/timers (82C54's), 24 digital I/O lines and 4 general purpose LEDs.

 PC/104 Cards

See our descriptions under the PC/104 section of the journal.

 ISA Bus Cards

See our descriptions under the ISA BUS section of the journal.

 How to Contact Us

Microcomputer Systems, Inc.
1814 Ryder Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 7080-9078 USA
Phone: (225) 769-2154
Fax: (225) 769-2155
Email: staff@microcomputersystems.com
Web: http://www.microcomputersystems.com

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