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Aug 1, 2000

From WinSystems

Units power-up STD Bus Card Cages


Designers, faced with shorter product development cycles and limited application space, require products that are compact, efficient, and ready to run. To fulfill these needs, WinSystems introduces fully assembled STD Bus card cages with either 100-Watt or 50-Watt integral power supplies. Both power supplies have triple output dc voltages of +5, +12, and -12 volts. The card cages have a capacity to hold from 2 to 26 STD Bus or CMOS STD Bus boards and are available with either 0.625 or 0.75-inch vertical centers between card slots.  
Ideal for small, embedded systems, the 50W power supply is a zero current switcher. It will maintain regulation on all output voltages down to zero current eliminating the need for load resistors. The 100W power supply is designed for medium to large system configurations that require more boards in a card cage. Both the 50W and 100W supplies are short circuit and overvoltage protected for the users' safety. They also incorporate a feedback network to achieve fast transient response and tight regulation.  
Supplied with a backplane carefully designed for high performance STD Bus processors, these racks support full 16-bit data transfers. The assembly side of the backplane is an actual groundplane that reduces noise and crosstalk on signal lines. It provides constant characteristic impedance necessary for good transmission line design.  
WinSystems card cages are also functional replacements for other STD Bus manufacturers' products from companies such as Pro-Log/Motorola, Matrix, Mostek/Mizar and Ziatech.       Copyright © Arrick Publishing