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Dec 6, 2000

From VersaLogic Corp.

Fast STD 32 Bus Processor Features Ethernet, Video, PC/104


Eugene, OR The latest STD 32 Single Board Computer from VersaLogic Corp. features Pentium MMX processor, 10/100 Ethernet, SVGA, PC/104-Plus expansion and CompactFlash option.  
The VL-686-2 supports standard socket 7 (MMX/3D class) CPUs up to 400 MHz, including Pentium, K6, K6-2, K6-III, and the low power K6-2E for fanless operation. On-board memory capacity includes 2 MB video RAM, up to 128 MB of system RAM, and up to 72 MB DiskOnChip flash. A battery-backed static RAM option allows infinite read/write cycling with full power-fail protection. 
Additional features include fail-safe RS-485, a second IDE port for the optional CompactFlash adapter, single voltage (+5V) operation, 512K L2 cache, and re-programmable BIOS. A latching high density I/O connector supports standard system I/O including IDE interface, 2 COM ports (one 232/422/485), LPT, keyboard, and extra counter/timer channels.  
Standard socket 7 CPU compatibility allows multi-sourcing from both Intel and AMD. The high reliability design and construction of this board features include latching memory sockets, watchdog timer, voltage sensing reset circuit, and self-resetting fuse on the 5V supply to the keyboard, mouse, and USB ports. An onboard CPU temperature sensor with programmable over-temperature alarms assists with thermal management. 
The board was designed from the ground up with a focus on longevity and reliability. Standardized components sourced from multiple vendors increase product longevity and reduce problems with obsolescence and upgrades. VersaLogic targets a minimum availability of 5 years for all of its embedded OEM products. 
The VL-686-2 board supports the STD 32 Bus multiprocessor interface. Up to seven VL-686-2 cards (or other STD 32 CPUs) can run in a single card cage. The onboard high speed PC/104-Plus expansion site allows mezzanine use of popular PC/104 and PC/104-Plus modules such as modem, A/D, PCMCIA, and digital I/O. In order to support full socket 7 compatibility, this board uses a mezzanine card to stretch the available real-estate. 
Versions include AMD K6-2 3D Now CPUs in 266 or 400 MHz. Both are priced under $1200 in low OEM quantities. A fanless low power 266 MHz version is also available in about the same price range. All versions are currently available from stock. Customizing is available in quantities as low as 25 pieces. 
Software compatibility includes Windows NT/95/98, Windows CE, Windows NT Embedded, QNX, Linux, RT-Linux, OS-9, and other RTOSs. 
For additional information contact VersaLogic Corp. at (541) 485-8575, or visit their extensive on-line catalog at       Copyright © Arrick Publishing