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Apr 16, 2001

From VersaLogic

VersaLogic Expands its STD 32 Product Line

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VersaLogic Continues To Expand its STD 32 Product Line 
Eugene, OR VersaLogic Corp. announces its latest STD 32 card cage, the  
V32Z-21, which functions as a direct replacement for Ziatech's ZT 200 21-slot  
cage. The enclosure is available in either wall or table mount configuration. 
This card cage joins a growing offering of Ziatech replacement products  
from VersaLogic. VersaLogic stepped up their replacement product development  
following last year's announcement that Ziatech Corporation would be acquired  
by Intel and would leave the STD 32 arena to focus exclusively on Compact  
PCI. Many former Ziatech customers are migrating to VersaLogic products,  
resulting in significant STD 32 sales growth for VersaLogic over the last  
12 months.  
"In addition to enlarging our sales and tech support staff, we have also  
designed several of our new STD 32 products specifically to help with the  
transition," notes VersaLogic president Len Crane. "The latest release,  
the V32Z-21 card cage, is a good example. Not only does it fill a void  
in our product line for a larger sized cage, but it is designed as a direct  
replacement for Ziatech's ZT 200 21-slot cage. This approach makes it much  
easier for Ziatech customers to migrate to VersaLogic products since it  
eliminates mechanical mounting issues within the customers' existing machinery." 
Converting from Ziatech to VersaLogic products has allowed a number of  
customers to realize a significant cost savings. The integration of Ethernet,  
video and I/O onto a single CPU card has allowed many customers to significantly  
reduce the size and cost of their system. 
The V32Z-21 card cage is priced at $550 in OEM quantities. It is currently  
available from stock. For additional information contact VersaLogic Corp.  
at (541) 485-8575, or visit their web site at 
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