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VersaLogic Corp.

VersaLogic Corporation is dedicated to being the best supplier of embedded computer boards. Engineering excellence, superior service and financial strength are the values that set us apart.

Engineering Excellence
VersaLogic's engineering team achieves excellence in design through attention to detail and a focus on quality. Our R&D and engineering emphasis enables us to design boards with superior reliability, durability, and long-term availability.

Superior Service
Service and support are every bit as important as the products we deliver. With a philosophy of "treat every customer the way you would want to be treated," we look forward to assisting our customers, especially with technical challenges.

Financial Strength
Exceptional technical expertise is nothing without a strong, stable organization to back it up. VersaLogic, a privately held corporation, has been carefully and conservatively managed for more than 25 years. We enjoy serving our customers today, and we are dedicated to making sure that we will be here to do the same tomorrow.

Our Products

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We offer a variety of CPU boards including Pentium, 586, and Z80.

Most popular processors:

    - VL-686-2 Pentium/K6 CPU board with 10/100 Ethernet, video, and PC/104-Plus expansion site
    - VL-586-1 586 CPU board with PC/104-Plus expansion site

Analog I/O
We offer a both analog input and analog output boards with various input ranges, conversion times, and special features. Resolutions include 10, 11, 12, and 16-bit.

Serial I/O
Both RS-232 and RS-422 compatible serial interface boards with baud rates as high as 1.2m.

General Purpose I/O
General purpose input and Relay output boards.

Parallel I/O
24, 48, and 64 bit digital I/O boards.

Industrial Card Cages
3 to 21 slot card cages for both rack and table mounting, including Ziatech-style cages.

Power Supplies
Providing +5, +/-12v to STD systems. Both AC and DC input voltages available.

Video Cards

RAM and ROM. Optional battery backup, write protect switches.

Disk Products
Floppy and Hard disk interfaces.

STD32 Information


Visit our STD Information Page where we discuss:

  • The STD Bus Concept
  • Bus Comparison Table
  • STD Bus Types
    • STD Z80 and STD 80
    • STD 32
    • Compatibility
    • Making a Choice
  • Typical System Performance Levels

We also make PC/104 boards

See our ad on the E-Zine of PC/104 Controlled Systems

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