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 The WinSystems Commitment

Our experienced engineering and manufacturing talent has blended the personal computer architecture with industrial embedded applications which is reflected in our conservative, rugged product designs. We offer cost-effective solutions and are completely committed to be your supplier of choice for high-quality, fully-tested rugged PC-compatible products.

We have specialized in the design and manufacturing of embedded computers and I/O modules for use in industrial applications for over 12 years. And we have gained an excellent customer oriented reputation for innovative design and engineering skills.

WinSystems is recognized as a leading supplier of reliable STD bus and PC/104 products at a competitive price.

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* MCM-DX2 CPU 486DX with PC/104 Expansion
Fully AT software compatible 80Mhz 80486DX CPU. Up to 32Mbytes of DRAM, SSD support, Dual RS-232/422/485 ports, LPT port, kybd controller, watchdog timer and RTC, IDC and floppy disk interface, +5v only PC/104 Expansion connector.

* MCM-486SLC 486SLC CPU with PC/104 Expansion
33Mhz 486SLC CPU with up to 4Mbyts of DRAM. Bootable solid state disk. Dual serial ports, LPT port, IDE and floppy interface, watchdog timer and RTC, kybd controller, PC/104 expansion connector.

* MCM-SX386 386SX CPU with PC/104 Expansion
33Mhz 386SX CPU with up to 4Mbyts of DRAM. Bootable solid state disk. Dual serial ports, LPT port, IDE and floppy interface, watchdog timer and RTC, kybd controller, PC/104 expansion connector.

* MCM-SBC53PX V53 High Performance PC
10 or 16 MHz CPU with up to 2Mbytes of SRAM, EPROM or Flash. Bootable solid state disk. Dual RS-232/485 ports, LPT port, 3 counter/timers, Watchdog timer and RTC, SBX Bus expansion.

 STD Bus Analog and Digital I/O Boards

* MCM-IO144 144-Line I/O with Event Sense
144, 96 or 48 Digital I/O lines. Input, output, or output with readback. 12mA sink. Interrupt on signal change.

* MCM-A/D12 12-Bit A/D
16 single-ended or 8 differential input channels. Input ranges: 0 to 5V, 0 to 10V, +-5V, or +-10V.

* MCM-7508 48 Line Digital Interface
48 Bidirectional TTL compatible lines.

* MCM-D/A12 Octal 12-Bit DAC
8 independent analog voltage output channels of 12-bit resolution.

* MCM-OPTO48 48-Channel Opto-Isolated Input Card
48 isolated debounced inputs. Software enabled interrupts on change of state.

* MCM-AIO 12-Bit Analog I/O
32 channel, 12-bit A/D with 0-5V input range. Gains of 1, 10, or 100. 125uS conversion time. Sample and hold. Dual 12-Bit D/A output channels.

* MCM-OUT48 48-Point Isolated Relay Driver
48 digital outputs with optical isolation. Diode clamp and 100mA sink on each channel.

* MCM-7418 Smart Sensor Module
8 channel 16-bit A/D. Support for thermocouples, RTDs, strain gages, voltage inputs, 4-20mA loops, and thermistors.

* MCM-COM4A 4-Channel Serial COM Controller
Four RS-232 COM ports with 16C554 UARTS with 16-byte buffers. Data rates to 115,200bps.

* MCM-SVGA SuperVGA Video
High resolution Super VGA controller supports up to 1024 x 768. Up to 1MB video RAM.

* MCM-NE2000
IEEE 802.3 CMSA/CD. NE2000 compatible. 10Mbs operation. 10BASE-5 AUI interface, 10BASE-T twisted pair, 10BASE-2 coaxial interface. Remote boot support. LEDs visual status.

* MCM-USSD 4MB Solid State Disk
4MB Capacity. 8 sockets support RAMs, EPROMs and Flash. Boot support.

* MCM-1414 Fax/Modem Card
300-14.4kbps supports Hayes "AT" command set. FCC part 68 registration. LED status monitors.

* MCM-CTC Flexible Counter/Timer Module
Nine 16-bit counter/timers. Buffered clock, gate and out signals. 82C59 interrupt controller.

* MCM-SCSI-2 SCSI-2 Controller
10MB/sec SCSI-2 compatible interface. Adaptec 1510/20 compatible. Single-ended 48mA drivers.

* CC, CX Card Cages & Powered Racks
2-26 card slots. .75 or .625 spacing. Rack, Table or Wall mount. 50 or 100 watt power supply.

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 Development and Operating Systems

Our embedded products are supported by a variety of software options. They include operating systems, real time executives, utilities, and drivers all of which are hosted by a PC compatible environment.

ROM-DOS is an MS-DOS compatible operating system for our embedded 80X86 SBC's. ROM-DOS allows you to place the MS-DOS application in a diskless embedded system and have it start running immediately after power is applied. It runs entirely out of ROM and does not require a keyboard, video, or rotational media.

Vitually all drivers, utilities, and programs written for the DOS environment can be used without modification. ROM-DOS supports standard DOS files and disk management utilities which have been tailored to the embedded emvironment.

Software tools at your fingertips!

Many embedded applications are too harsh for floppy or hard disk drives because of shock, vibration, or temperature extremes. Solid State Disks (SSD) use RAM, EPROM, or Flash semiconductor devices to replace rotational media while offering high reliability, low power consumption, and compactness.

We offer extensive support for solid state disks on the SAT and SBC series of single board computers or through individual PC/104 and STD Bus SSD cards. The key benefit is to allow you to simply and easily convert applications into firmware without requiring special programming techniques or modification of the operating system.

 PC/104 Bus Products

We also offer a complete line of powerful PC/104 Bus products including CPU boards, flat panel controllers, and I/O modules. Call today to receive our PC/104 Databook.

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