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Suppliers and Manufacturers

This is a resource guide for electric and electronic suppliers and manufacturer listings. Many of these are linked directly to the companyís WWW sight. In the event that the company is not on the WWW at this time, we have made every effort to give up to date contact information and/or e-mail addresses.

CommerceNet is a non-profit electronic marketplace. Links to many major corporations. CommerceNet at http://www.commerce.net

Echelonís site contains information about LONWORKS technology, as well as Echelonís own products and services. Echelon at http://www.lonworks.echelon.com

This site is the place to look if you are looking for a free compiler. Thorough and extensive, this site contains valuable information. IDIOM at http://www.idiom.com/free-compilers/

AMD's site has news and information on its processors and other products. The embedded processor division portion of the site has news and information about their embedded line.

Intel has up to the minute information on all its products, including its microprocessor, networking and semiconductor product lines.

The QNX site has information about QNX products and services.

The LinuxDevices.com site has information about embedded Linux, jobs, products, events, and more.

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