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STD 32 Resource List
Following is a list of participating STD 32 manufacturers. Below that is a list of STD-only manufacturers to help you locate compatible products. For more information on their products and services, either use the hotlink or phone them directly.

STD 32 Manufacturers    
Company   Products   Phone
ACS Tech80, Inc.   Motion control   800-545-2980
DataLink Technologies, Inc.   Allen-Bradley interface   604-632-4278
Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc.   Motion control   818-717-2095
Microlynx Systems, Inc.   A/D Board, Microcontroller board   403-275-7346
Motion Engineering, Inc.   Motion control   805-681-3300
National Instruments   GPIB, LabVIEW   512-683-0100
Optimum Applied Systems, Inc.   A/D and D/A   800-537-4106
Robotrol Corporation   Analog I/O and Industrial I/O cards    
SBS GreenSprings   Industry Pack expansion   888-598-8111
Sensoray   A/D with signal conditioning   503-684-8073
Systek   386EX CPU, high performance data acquisition   509-735-1200
Technology 80, Inc.   Motion control   800-545-2980
VersaLogic Corp.   x86 CPUs, A/D, card cages, etc. Offering the widest selection of STD 32 boards and cages.   800-824-3163
Viking Electronics, Inc.   Connector, card extender   805-553-9633

STD-Only Manufacturers    
Company   Products   Phone
Engenuity Systems   LON interface   800-375-3363
Microcomputer Systems   Processor & I/O cards   225-769-2154
Micro/sys, Inc.  

Processors, multi-processors, I/O cards, and card cages

WinSystems   Processor, I/O, fax, Ethernet, and video cards, card cages, etc.   817-274-7553

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