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What is STD 32?
The STD 32® Bus combines a small, industrial strength architecture with the functionality and performance of today’s high-end personal computers. This versatile 32-bit scalable computer is the right choice for demanding real-time control and data acquisition applications where system size and cost are important priorities. PC software capability and a large supply of industrial I/O make STD 32 an ideal choice for embedded industrial applications.

Flexible enough to meet the demands of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in a variety of industries, the STD 32 Bus provides a range of processing performance, PC peripherals and operating system choices, industrial I/O, and rugged packaging.

Compact cards measuring 4.5"x6.5" make the STD 32 Bus ideal for embedded applications where system size and weight are critical, such as in-flight aerospace and portable data acquisition systems.

Rugged STD 32 cards are secured on all four sides by the enclosure, with top and bottom card guides, the backplane connector, and a locking retaining bar. Some STD 32 computers are available with an extended operating temperature from -40 to 85 degrees C, while others feature enclosures designed for extreme conditions. The combination of board size and PCB thickness help prevent undesirable flexing in high vibration environments, allowing STD 32 systems to fly in space shuttle missions.

Reliable industrial characteristics of the STD 32 Bus increase overall system reliability. In fact, mean time between failure (MTBF) rates for complete STD 32 systems is often greater than fifteen years.

PC Compatible STD 32 systems run software like a PC, enabling system designers to use PC development tools to get applications up and running quickly. System developers can choose between MS DOS®, Windows® 98, Windows® NT, Windows CE, QNX®, VxWorks®, and other PC-compatible operating systems to find the best fit for their application.

Powerful STD 32 Bus systems are designed with a wide range of processors, including the 586 and Pentium® CPUs. In addition, the 32-bit backplane supports high-speed, data-passing applications. Yet the architecture provides more than just a 32-bit data path. Other performance characteristics include:

Multiprocessing with centralized arbitration logic to monitor access to the bus, allows the implementation of multiple processors in a single STD 32 system. The 32-bit throughput of the bus is crucial to interprocessor communication in real-time multiprocessing applications, like the STD 32 systems used in semiconductor processing equipment and factory automation systems.

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