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Processors: 1977:8086:4.7Mhz, 1982:80286:6Mhz, 1986:80386:16Mhz, 1990:80486:20Mhz, 1993:Pentium:60Mhz, 1995:PentiumPro:150Mhz, 1998:Pentium II:333Mhz, 2000:Pentium III:500Mhz, 2000:Pentium 4:1Ghz

Stock Price Change
INTC 26.75 -0.09
AMD 4.25 -0.05
FSL 24.80 -0.13
MSFT 39.69 -0.30
RHT 50.05 -0.85

How much memory is in your current VXI Bus System?

  <16M   2.7%
  16M-64M   21.6%
  64M-128M   32.4%
  128M-256M   13.5%
  256M-512M   5.4%
  512M-1G   10.8%
  1G-UP   13.5%

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