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B & B Technologies, Inc. (BBT) is a Systems Integration firm headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with satellite offices in Phoenix, Arizona and Seattle, Washington. BBT designs and integrates test, measurement, automation, data acquisition and control system utilizing diverse hardware platforms, operating systems, and instrumentation standards. BBT handles projects ranging from LabView instrument drivers to full-blown automated turnkey systems.

B&B Products

VXI - 9000
Portable VXI instrumentation platform
B &B Technologies' VXI-9000 is a one-piece total solution for portable VXI systems. A six slot C-size VXI mainframe is integrated together with a National Instruments VXIpc-872 embedded controller, a 10" LCD monitor and an industrial keyboard/pointing device to provide everything you need to run VXI instruments in the field, all in one box.

  • VXI Mainframe:
    • C-size
    • 6 slots
  • Controller: 450 MHz Pentium II
    • 64 MB RAM
    • Internal Hard Drive
    • One PCI Slot
    • Windows NT
    • GPIB
    • Ethernet
    • USB
    • SCSI
    • Serial/ Parralell
  • Chassis: 14/32X CD ROM
    • Iomega Zip Drive
    • External Mouse/Keyboard connections
  • Overall Dimensions:
    • 21" X 16" X 14"
    • Heavy Duty Aluminum Construction
    • Weight: 42 lbs.

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