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About Goepel

GOEPEL electronic was in 1991 as spin-off of a large optoelectronics company. Today the company has 80 employees. The main business target is the development and manufacturing of intelligent solutions for quality assurance tests in the electronics industry. GOEPEL electronic has been an ISO 9001 registered company since 1996.

VXIbus Products

The VXI SCAN COMMANDER™ VSC 1149.1 is a complete Boundary Scan tester and can be remote controlled by a host via VXI-bus (IEEE 1155). It additionally has a local debug port on the basis of RS 232. It covers the upper performance class in the range of Boundary Scan controllers from GOEPEL electronic. Main features of the VSC 1149.1 architecture are its modular hardware and the [SYSTEM CASCON™/ POLARIS™] Boundary Scan software integrated as firmware. So its performance can be scaled according to the requirements and it can be upgraded if necessary. The external synchronizeability together with the embedded software allow a flexible device integration.

Main Features:

  • High performance VXI-based Boundary Scan system fully compliant with IEEE Std 1149.1
  • Supports 2 independent TAPs/ 8 synchronous TAPs
  • Integrated SPACE™ architecture with memory behind the pin
  • Programmable test clock up to 30 MHz in steps of <250 kHz
  • ADYCS™ feature to compensate line delays
  • Integrated SCP-bus interface for driving [SCANPLUS®] modules
  • [SYSTEM CASCON™/ POLARIS™] integrated as firmware
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