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About ICS Electronics

ICS Electronics was established in 1978. Since that time, ICS has been a leader in the manufacture of GPIB bus interfaces, extension and control products. In 1990, ICS helped develop the VXIbus Standard and added VXI interfaces, hardware and VXI modules to its product line. Today ICS continues to expand its product line to assist users in building advanced test systems and test instruments and is working on Standards for the next generation instruments.

ICS Electronics is dedicated to bringing its customers the finest interfaces and most versatile test modules possible to automate any test or control system task. ICS's interface products save the the user many hours of development time and shorted his time to market. ICS also customizes its interfaces for OEM applications.

VXIbus Products

ICS's VXIbus products start with the industry's broadest range of VXI Module hardware kits that provide side shields and front panels to enclose virtually any VXIbus module. ICS also makes message and register based interface cards and accompanying prototyping boards to assist users who want to quickly put together their own VXIbus module. ICS also builds VXI modules with serial and GPIB interfaces, Slot 0 Controllers and Embedded Computers to control VXIbus test systems.

Our VXI Product Line Includes:

  • VXI Prototyping Modules
  • VXI Register-based Interface Cards
  • VXI Software Development Kit
  • VXI C-Size Blank Board
  • VXI C-Size Shield Kit
  • VXI Serial Modules

Other Product Lines

  • GPIB Interface Boards
  • GPIB Controllers
  • Serial Interfaces
  • GPIB to Modbus controllers

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