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About Phase Matrix

Phase Matrix, Inc. was formed to develop and manufacture high quality, cost effective microwave and RF Instruments. In June, 1999, Phase Matrix purchased substantially all the assets of EIP Microwave, Inc., a long established manufacturer of microwave test equipment.

VXIbus Products

  • 1140A / 1141A / 1143A VXIbus Microwave Synthesizers
  • EIP 1230A/1231A Series Pulsed and CW Frequency Measurements in VXIbus Systems
  • Phase Matrix EIP 1911A 4 Channel Pulse Generator
    • 4 Channel Pulse Generation for the VXIbus Systems
  • Phase Matrix EIP 1313A Downconvertors
    • VXIbus Microwave Downconvertors
  • Phase Matrix EIP 1355A Power Amplifier
    • VXIbus Microwave Power Amplifier


Phase Matrix, Inc.
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