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Summit Instruments, Inc. was founded in 1987 to provide test and measurement solutions for demanding industrial, military, aerospace and research applications.

Digital sensors including smart accelerometers and 6-DOF inertial measurement systems have been added to our existing analog accelerometer and VXI product lines. Our digital sensors include a high-speed, configurable, built-in measurement system which allows them to be easily configured and collect data using a personal computer.

Summit Instruments products are developed in response to our customers needs. Customized versions of existing products as well as new products within our area of expertise can be developed.

VXIbus Products

  • Diagnostic Probe Board for B and C Sized VXI Systems
    • Quickly Diagnose VXI Signal Problems
      The 77000A provides a test point for each VXI backplane signal. Test points on 0.1 inch centers simplify connection of scope probes and cable headers. A separate ground pin is provided.
    • Power Supply Fusing and Monitoring
      Each VXI power supply passes through a socketed fuse on the 77000A. In addition to minimizing the possibility of damage due to shorts, fuses can be removed to isolate power problems or to determine the current draw of a VXI card. High efficiency LEDs indicate the state of all power supplies.
    • Electrical Impact Minimized
      The 77000A provides probe access without the use of long traces, which can degrade signals, and without altering signals via active circuitry.
    • Improved Mechanical Stability over Extender Cards
      When used with open-sided VXI mainframes, the 77000A provides easy access to all VXI backplane signals without the mechanical stresses and instability of an extender card. The 77000A adds less than 38mm (1.5") to the depth of a VXI card when inserted between a card and the backplane.

  • 32 Channel D/A Converter with Configurable Closed-Loop Control VXI Card (C size)
    • 32 Independent Software-Configurable 16-bit DAC Channels
      The 77200A provides 32 fully independent DAC channels, each with its own 16-bit DAC, instrumentation amplifier sense input, feedback control, and configuration switching. Each channel can be software configured for one of four different operating modes including closed loop positive gain, closed loop negative gain, and two open-loop voltage output modes.
    • Flexible Closed Loop Control Modes
      Each channel of the 77200A may be software configured for closed loop control with positive or negative gain. Feedback gain may be specified with order for each channel for any gain from 1 to 10000. Outputs can be used for current control using only two external components: a control device such as an FET or IGBT, and a current sense resistor. A positive gain control can be used for lead loss correction when a load may be a long distance from the source, or negative gain control can be used to invert an output when the sense connections are also reversed.
    • Built-In Offset for Reliable Current Turn Off
      A small internal offset guarantees current is off when closed loop current control is used. The outputs swing to the opposite control rail to ensure minimum leakage of the external current control device (e.g. FET) in the OFF state.
    • Customer-Specified Open Loop High-Voltage Output Modes
      Each channel of the 77200A can be configured for an open loop mode such as unipolar 0 to +12.5V or 0 to +2.5V. Other output ranges with max of 0 to 16V are available.
    • On-Board System Calibration Memory
      The 77200A includes on-board memory for non-volatile storage of calibration data for each channel. When the card is used for current control with external FETs and shunts, the calibration memory may also store the system level compensations due to the external elements.
    • Low Power
      The 77200A module consumes relatively low power to minimize VXI heating and allow a chassis to be easily filled with cards.
    • Small Size
      Complete 32-channel closed loop DAC in a single C-size VXI slot.

Other Products

  • Smart Accelerometer Systems
  • Analog Accelerometers
  • 6 Degree of Freedom Inertial and Dynamic Test Systems

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