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VXIbus Products

Our VXI Product Line Includes:

  • The SR192A Programmable Digital Test Module
    • Vector bus a 4-bit address bus that can be used to trigger a specific table output form the I/O module.
    • Handshake bus allows the user to select any of the 192 channels as a test input for the timing generator.
    • Clock Resolution The SR101A timing module may be clocked on both edges of the system clock allowing for better timing set resolution
    • Timing Set Clock a new programmable clock source has been added to the SR101A
    • Strobes/Enables the number of strobes/enables has been increased from 4 to 6

  • The Model 2108 Serial Emulator
    • Modular Design
    • Project Development Software
    • Transmitter
    • Transmitter Interconnect Modules
    • Receiver Interconnect Modules

  • The SR192 Programmable Digital Test Module
    • VERSATILE ARCHITECTURE....The SR192 is message based with A32 addressing for high speed downloading and retrieving of test data.
    • DENSITY....VXI space is at a premium, thus the SR192 was designed to pack the most dynamic digital capability in the smallest possible space.
    • MODULARITY....The SR192 was designed as a motherboard/daughterboards arrangement. With this concept the user purchases the number and type of I/O channels needed for his test requirements.
    • DRIVER/RECEIVER VOLTAGE FAMILIES....The SR192 offers a variety of I/O daughterboards with options such as, TTL single-ended, 422/485 and ECL differential, variable voltage modules with ranges from +15V to -15V or +7V to -5V. Most modules can be mixed in a single SR192 to provide more flexibility for the user.
    • PROGRAMMING....The SR192 is a message based SCPI compatible module with A32 addressing capability.
    • SR211 PROBE....The SR211 probe is 25MHz dual threshold data probe. It consists of an external pod, which houses all probe related electronics, and a standard X10 scope probe.

  • The BE-64 Programmable Bus Emulator
    • Single C size message based VXI module.
    • SCPI command set
    • 64 I/O channels X 32 K bits / channel
    • 16 timing sets
    • Sequence Definition
    • 24 programmable set/sense signals
    • Macro Commands

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